• Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for your continued support and I hope that your holiday season is a blessed one.


HEY!! Spark updated the Forums while I was gone. I like!! :D

Where is Franktown? I grew up in Grand Junction and am still Coloradoan to the core. Fill me in, because I do not need much of an excuse to move back!
Looks like franktown is stuck in between Colorado Springs and Denver. I'm in Durango, that's southwest colorado.
Hey John,
Hope the oops isn't cause you bobitized your self waving one o' your Commanders.:eek:
Take it easy,
Ed man, Whatsup!?

Nope, I was replying to the "Tami on TV" thread, and I guess I hit the wrong button (new thread, instead of "reply"). New format and all.

I edited my post and I guess if you do it fast enough, it doesn't make the "Edited by 'Dumn Azz' yada-yada". I changed the whole shootin match to "oops" as I screwed up. What's new.


No, the "Yutz" is fine, thanks for the inquiry. I did do a few wave demos at Blade from the waist band (after Derek did it first) :D, but all is well down there. (I had band-aids standing by just in case) :D