Open with thumb studs ?? Would I need a gen 3

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Mar 24, 2010
Gen.4 question Recieved my brand new 3.5 Spanto acouple days ago flips great but really really hard to open with thumb studs . I know it's hard to have the best of both worlds but will I have to go to a gen3 to have the flipper and thumb studs work , thanks
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Gen 4 3.5s can be opened with the thumstuds just be sure you're not pressing inward on the lockbar at the same time. Newest XMs w/ stronger detents may prove more difficult to open without the flipper.
I am keeping my fingers off the lock bar , thanks for that tip . If I do go to a gen3 would the odds be pretty good that they can be opened with thumb studs or can some of them be hard to open with thumb studs .
I have a few Hinderers, my newest spearpoint has the strongest detent. Even though it is now broken in, you cannot use the thumbstuds. It is a great flipper! I have heard some new ones with weaker detents that still allow for thumbstud opening, but they obviously would not flip as well.
This really is a personal preference thing and no one can tell you how it will be for you. The detent hole is now drilled all the way through the frame. The only way to know for sure is to try another knife.
Thanks Mike , I will have to find a used one that can be opened with thumb studs not going to gamble on another new one.
Both of my 3" XM's are from this years production. Detent holes are not drilled all the way through. One has a strong detent, and is just a flipper pretty much. The other can be opened easily with the thumb stud, but requires a little more finger loading to flip. I like I have one of each though. Can't complain about either.
I'm having a hard time using the thumb studs as well. I have the latest gen4 3.5 spearpoint with the new detent. My fingers aren't on the lock bar either. I still haven't given up on it though. I feel like its just something you have to figure out the right method to. I had the same issue with my umnumzaan for a short time out of the box. Just needed to figure out the proper way to flip. Flipper works great though.
Will give that a try. I have it loctite at a certain point for the best flipping so hopefully I can find a happy medium.
It's kinda hard finding a perfect detent HINDERER both good for flipping and thumb stud opening.
I found one after going through like 20 hinderers.
My Gen 4 3.5 spear point is much better at flipping than using the studs, but I can use the studs in any manner... Just not over and over. Haha. I also have a Gen 4 3" slicer (which also does not have the detent hole drilled all the way through). This one was kinda piss poor either way at first... I'm not really sure if it broke in or if I just got used to it but it is now excellent at flipping and using the studs... I mean, excellent... I'd say it is my fav folding knife ever.
The thumstuds are also blade-stops but I can open all my XMs with them...thing is, I don't think I've tried until recently. I'm a flipper guy. All that said, I'll repeat myself...newest XMs with stronger detente may be a bit more difficult to open w/ thumb studs.
Up date on new gen 4 could not open with thumb studs , started this thread two months ago and was crying about I couldn't open with thumb studs . I flipped this Spanto pretty much every night watching tv happy to report the last few days this baby finally broke in flips fast and can open with thumb studs so if your in this same situation hang in there and keep that blade moving.
My Gen 4 spearpoint is VERY difficult to open with the blade stops. Only XM I've had like it. It flips amazing though.
I had a terrible time opening my Gen 4 with the thumb studs until I changed my method. I can now open it easily by pushing the thumb stud forward rather than away from the handle.
Likewise, my Gen 4 spearpoint was nearly impossible to open with the thumbstuds. I push the thumbstud a little bit forward instead of away from the handle (imagine the thumbstud position relative to the pivot, and imagine the arc it will travel while opening...I push in a direction roughly tangent to that arc path). I've found that keeping my index finger on the pivot also helps keep my fingers from applying pressure on the lockbar, which really makes it impossible to open.
When I got mine I thought it would be impossible. Now that that detent is broken in a bit I can open them with the studs or the flipper
When I got mine I thought it would be impossible. Now that that detent is broken in a bit I can open them with the studs or the flipper

Good info. Nice when ones tools break-in. I love tools and the ones that adapt and conform to my needs are my Favorites.
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