Opening CS Vaquero Grande

Oct 5, 1998
Just received this huge knife this lunchtime (thanks Howard & the USPS) and have been playing about with opening tecniques.

I am a little worried about slicing my finger wide open if I slip off the stud because of that stupied half way notch (WHY??) but have found that it "flicks open really easliy"

I know you arn't supposed to flick open liner locks but what about lockbacks like the Vaquero??

Am I going to damage the lockup in doing so?
I believe someone(I think Jim March) used his dremel on that halfway notch and smoothed it out. At in the reviews section is where the post is located. The last post(number 44) for it was 6 Nov.
Also as far as I know "flicking open" a lockback doesn't tear it up like it would a liner lock.

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YUP! EMail me for details including a drawing of what's going on at that pivot and where to grind. That and lose the thumbstud, it almost turns into a giant Sebenza.


See also rec.knives, there was a huge recent VG thread. Mine is the 6" but it's so old it pre-dates the intro of the 5" variant hence doesn't have the "Grande" as part of the name. Same knife, but also had a cheesy cordura flap-over sheath, no Kydex.

And in two-plus years of HARD snapopens, it hasn't loosened in the slightest.

Jim March
When it comes to big folders Jim definetly knows of what he speaks. I did the smooth out the notch thing and yanked the thumb stud on my 5" Vaquero and it is much improved. The big blades have so much inertia the thumb studs are really unnecessary,just flick the wrist and "clack!" they`re open. The thumb studs also tended to get hung up on my pockets. I wouldn`t worry too much about the lock,it`s really beefy and seems to take the abuse no sweat. Have fun with it!
That's good to hear about the snap-opens. I was doing it in my living room, wondering how much of it the knife would take.

Great knife, but every time I snapped it open, my buddy and I started laughing. It just didn't look right, a folder that big! I've started carrying mine more, too.

Joe: now think what'll happen if you pull that bad boy on a mugger...especially if you take a two-handed grip and go into a Kenjutsu "high guard" hold...

Jim March
What I really wanted to do it take it out back, find an old log, hold the knife by the very end of the handle, and see how it chops. I mean, this thing has light chopping weight & length! I didn't do it because I'm not sure what'll happen once the serrations dull.

Joe, you're the last person on the planet I'd give sharpening advice to
...but my understanding is, it's a major pain.

I consider these bad boys "pure combat monsters" and semi-ridiculous for utility. It's not *bad* at utility, mind you, but a utility FB is better for big jobs, a small folder/multitool is fine for delicate work and small stuff.

But as a streetfighter? Oh ya baby, esp. given Calif's weird laws.

Jim March

PS: sidenote to everybody: don't abbreviate California as CA unless it doesn't matter if somebody thinks you're talking about Canada. Esp. if you're talking about laws, somebody could get *really* confoosed.