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Jun 22, 1999
I was digging through some stuff last night that has been packed away for ages, and guess what I found? My old Buck 112 which I purchased right after basic/AIT, and that accompanied my through all my travels while in the employ of Uncle Sam's Green Machine. Comparing it to my Military sure was interesting... still got the original leather snap pouch, too; or what's left of it.

Anyway, so much for Memory Lane. While well-worn, the knife is still serviceable. I remember seeing a gadget designed for first-generation lock-backs like this one that permitted one-hand opening a'la what we have now. I think it was called a "Flick-It", or something like that, and it clamped to the spine of the blade.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or know of a similar device; and is it available today? If so, from where?

I've gotta do something while I wait for the US Pony Express to deliver my StarMate...

Thanks for any replies.

I'm almost positive I saw this in the Smokey Mountain Knife Works catalouge. Couldn't find it on their web sit though. I'll take a look later and see if I can find it.

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Yes, SMKW does carry these. They call them One-Armed Bandits. I have a large and a small one, but I can't remember what blade width is the cutoff. If you call them, they can probably tell you the blade sizes each one is for.

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