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operator please. . .

Jun 17, 2001
I'm sure, from all the message topics here, there are a few
"operators" around. I was just wondering, how do you become
an operator? I want to go fight some bad guys. on the offbeat
chance that i stand a chance, i've been trying to get myself
in good condition by the end of next summer should i stand a
chance of doing what an operator does (before they become an
Now really Tom, I think PacBell has made strides in their service,
but I think you may be right. I was hoping for a different type of
operator. So you live in Hawaii, I lived in Waipahu many moons
I was an "operator" for a short period of my career....

Hours sucked and you had to stand a lot and wear funny hats and masks.....

There was also a lot of yelling by the senior "operators" directed at us little "operators"..

:p :p :p
Waipahu!!!! Were you in a gang?? :p
Mike Irie used to live there.....its not the nicest place to live any more....I avoid it at all costs... :(
Dan. . .Hey any bit of info you can shoot my way is most
appreciated. Either I deal with bosses in stuffed shirts
(I'm an engineering student) or bosses who carry machine guns. I'd
much rather (at the moment) go into the military and have some fun!?!
Seriously, though, I'd like to fight some bad guys, I know there's
still a war going on somewhere in the world.

Tom. . .It's been 9 long years since I left Waipahu, and Hawaii for
that matter. I was only 12 years old at the time. The only thing
I remember were all the great days at the beach (Bellows. spelling?)
and other great Hawaiian tourist sites. I lived there for almost
4 years because my dad was stationed there. From what I recall,
Waipahu wasn't too bad?
det. . .thanks for the link, but it doesn't lead anywhere (or
the page isn't up and running). but seriously, though, I know
it sounds like a stupid question, but I just wanted to know if
anybody had any thing to help me out. I'm just trying to work
up to the requirements they have posted on the Warning Order.
well, that's it for now.
Keep your nose clean on the legal side of things.

Do well in school.

If you are not familiar with or fluent in at least one other language, it wouldn't hurt to start learning one now. There is always a demand for Farsi and other forms of Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish....

Be able to surpass the most demanding standards set for the PFT.

Being well read on appropriate subject matter (Politico-military affairs/political science, Rommel, Klauswitz, Sun Tzu, Macchiavelli is looked on favorably last I checked.)

Enlist. Take an MOS in combat arms. Do your job professionally. When the opportunity arrives, go for it.

Be good. Be lucky. Keep a sense of humor.

Mature. Lose the urge to go to war but be absolutely dedicated to doing your job if you are called to it.

Somebody out here has a great signature line:
"The confidence of amateurs is the envy of professionals."

Ask a recruiter for more detailed info.
Good luck.

Now, now Det... Be nice. He's just a kid.:D
"Mature. Lose the urge to go to war but be absolutely dedicated to doing your job if you are called to it."

INDEED! Your desire to want to "take out some bad guys" will probably have them tell you "thanks but no thank you". Though being in a combat MOS is a plus it is not required. In fact according to a SF recruiter, 60% of Q-course graduates came from support MOS. But a good route to take would be going to infantry and go for Ranger school. This will give you the small unit leadership tactics that support mos don't get. Of course if you want to really play with the big boys in 1st Special Operational detachment, they have there own seperate recruiting and training.
The link is a joke. If you want to be in special operations, enlist. Concentrate on being a good soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine first. Maturity is very important. Nobody is impressed with the "I want to go fight some bad guys" attitude.
When I was looking at PJs/CCT scholls, I was able to call Pararescue/Combat Contrller recruiting directly. They sent me two books that were the full training program, as well as what to do to prepare in advance of going. I am sure you can find th info through the Air Force web site, and I am sure those guidelines would get you pretty well in shape for any of the other schools. I still refer to them occasionally for workouts, but they are currently lost in a box, or I would give you the number.

I did not end up going in. I had already been married four or five years at the time, and couldn't bring myself to leave my wife for a year's time. I know, I am a wimp. Oh well, I guess I will just have to pay for, instead of "getting paid for", training!
DET, SCOTT, and NIB. . .thanks for the advice guys. I've just started
looking at some of the books out there about this stuff. I see that my comment about wanting to take out bad guys was not the best choice
of words, but I'll learn and try to be more mature next time. Do any of you know if you can opt to go for BUD/s if you're a Marine?