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Opinel vs cardboard

Jan 14, 2004
I was just messing around with my Opinel a #6 and while looking at the thinness of the blade I thought that pile of cardboard back in the shop would give this a workout. I had 5 large double wall cardboard shipping cartons and I needed to cut them up to either go to the range for target backers or just in the dumpster.

I had just touched up the edge a little on my water stones and laid the blade on the stone fairly flat and brought the edge up a little more than the hair shaving edge that it was out of the box.

I cut thru all four corners of all the boxes, the first 3 were no problem, but it got a little harder on number 4 and while cutting the 3rd corner of 4 on #4 I struck the concrete floor and messed up the edge, folded over about 1/2 inch of it right at the curve. I could not just strop out the mess up so I kept cutting. I finished cutting the last box and I had to do a little sawing to get thru the last corner. For a inexpensive knife, it cut like a champion. I brought the knife back home and touched it to my Kitchen steel and straightened the edge and it could cut some more.