Opinion of Socket Khukri

Jun 24, 2003
Group - wondering if anyone has ordered/received a Socket Khukri. Would like to get your thoughts and opinion of it. Might be my next purchase. Please let me know

Thanks - Matt
I got one a couple months ago as an intended general workhorse hacker to play with.
And also to compare their modern khukuri blade profile (early bend, fat belly) they use on some of their modern styles to HSI general style of blade profile.

If mine is typical, then you should expect to do some minor filing/sanding/deburring to take down some of the too-sharp edges where the handle meets the blade. This is not entirely surprising to me for the type of knife it is.
The holes near then end of the handle will need some cleanup to get rid of sharp edges, if I try to run a leather or cord loop through them.

I haven't really used it much, but it does feel pretty good in hand.
Thumb pinching the taper of the handle where it starts meeting the blade seems like it would be very good at preventing the hand from slipping down the blade. (Pinching in a normal grip at top of handle, not like pinch grip on the blade used often on cooking knives.)
The notch of the blade extending down from the handle likewise seems like it will do a good job at preventing fingers from slipping forward onto the blade.
I'm considering adding a thin turk's head style band near the center to mimic other khukuri handle ridges. Also considering a fatter turk's head style band near the end of the handle, possibly anchored through the holes.
From what I gather, they're a bit rough, but some judicious handwork with emery paper, or a file, would easily take care of that. After smoothing it up a bit, if needed, I'd recommend a leather and/or paracord wrap on the handle, for a bit of shock absorption, and temperature control. Learned this from a Cold Steel Bushman. The Socket Bowie is way better, even if you do have to de-horn it a bit. I'd imagine the Socket Kukri to be a solid performer.
Great to see some interest in these pretty niche socket blades. If you're looking for a refined piece of craftmanship a HSI or Pensioner could be a great pick. However if you're after a rough and ready little tank with a good balance and high value it's a great option. I love having the opportunity to wrap the handle and personalise the knife but I think it's held back the knife's popularity a bit. If we look at the cursive which comes with the option to be bought bare or wrapped we've had basically zero orders for the bare blade. Expect updates on the options and potentially pattern side of things later this year.