Opinions: 0550, 0350, 0200

Jul 12, 2007
Hello everyone,

I sold off my only ZT (an 0400) awhile back since I just couldn't find any love for the tanto shape. Unfortunately that sale left a hole in my small collection, so its well past time to pick up another ZT. The three I'm considering are the 0550 (1st gen), 0350, or 0200. I'm just wondering what some of your impressions are of the three and which, if any, you'd lean towards as a purchase and why. Any opinions are much appreciated. Cheers!
I vote 0550 (only one of these three I've had). Fits my hand well, opens and closes smoothly, great knife, IMHO.
If you're looking for gen-1 you'l probably be able to find a good deal.
I'd place my preference of the 3 in the order you have them listed. The 550 is my most carried knife. Honestly so far there isnt really much I dont like about it. It feels good in hand, doesnt shred my pocket, and for some reason seems to carry better than the other two. Plus for me its a bit easier to sharpen since it doesnt have a recurve blade.
If you were comfortable with the 0400's ergos, I'd say 550 or 0200. I found the 350's grip to be just a tad short for me.
I vote the 0350. I like G10 on both sides, and the size is a bit more pocketable than the 0200.
550 is my fav and i have nearly everything ZT has out. The 801 is really nice as well
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I have all three and vote 200 if you don't mind a larger knife. The 200 is very smooth and pocketable despite its large size. I carry my 200 more than my 350 and 550 combined. If you think it may be too large then my second choice would be the 550. It's a great folder and can be had fairly cheap these days. Nothing wrong with the 350, it's just small for me. All three would serve you well. A lot depends on what you prefer. AO or manuel. Liner or frame lock. Good luck.
It's a toss-up between the 0550 and 0350 for me. I have a 2nd-gen 0550 (deep carry clip being the key difference for me). The 0550 carries surprisingly well for a knife its size. It's still a big knife and is definitely noticeable in pocket due to its thickness, but it's not particularly uncomfortable to carry. The 0350 has great ergos and a large blade belly and recurve that cut very well. The handle contours and overall width fit the hand very nicely. Riding in the back pocket, I find the 0350 is more comfortable to carry than the 0550. Neither carries particularly well in my front pockets (sharing space with my keys and wallet). The 0200 feels great in hand, but it's so large that I just can't carry it comfortably in pocket.
I have all 3, and its a toss up between the 550 and 200. Hinderer design or Onion design...that's about the only difference. All 3 are excellent examples of ZT knives. Honestly, the one that gets the most carry time is the 550.

Good luck with your choice!
You can get a zt 0550 on the exchange with a blue frag scale (good price and looks awesome), if u look hard enough u will find it ;)
Hmmm.... I'm gonna go 0360 over the 0350, if you haven't seen one yet do yourself a favor and look! All the pluses of the 0350 but you get a pointy tip and faster opening (also carbide tip glass breaker!)! It is de-assistable should you feel so inclined. 0550 would be a darn close second especially with a contoured aftermarket scale (makes it less squared off and more comfy in hand). Those two get the most carry. I do like the 0200 especially for a camp knife or large work knife but its not an everday carry for myself. It is extremely comfortable however.

Just going to throw out there if you like the 0200 but want something smaller/slimmer, you could look at a speedbump (flat g10) or a specbump in S30V (contoured g10 handles).
My vote goes to the 0550. I haven't owned the other two, but my desire to own them has diminished since owning a 0551 (same except for ELMAX). It carries very well for a knife it's size and I haven't had ANY problems whatsoever. Not that you'll have any problems with the 0350 or the 0200, but I think you get my point. :thumbup:
I have all three as well and I carry the 550 the most (second generation). My 0200 has locking issues where it can get disengaged if at the wrong angle and starts to close on me if I handle it wrong (certain task requires twisting of knife at sometimes awkward positions). I have the orange 0350, never used. Never felt right since I got it.

When they said the 0550 felt like a tank in your hands, they meant it. Such a sweet knife.
Looks like the majority so far are recommending the 550 followed by the 200. Larger size in the pocket isn't an issue with this knife since I intend it to be my "tank-like" folder and have other thin slicers for the tasks that require one. Any opinions on which knife has a more substantial, fixed blade-like feel to it?
Before I had the 0550, I would have thought that the 0200 (my very first ZT knife) was a marvel of a knife, tank solid feeling, approaching the impression of a fixed blade like design. That is, until I met the 0550 and that all changed. I got the 0550 and 0560 at the same time and that 0550 claimed pocket time almost daily of all my knives. Also, the 0200 has a known issue with staying locked (or the lack thereof) which kind of disillusioned me to that knife. It's still a good knife but it's only good as a beater knife at this point for me.

The 0350 has a flat wide feel to it that didn't seem to meld into my hand that well but it is still a great knife! Just the fact that I am still holding onto it instead of selling it off unused is testimony in of itself because I am holding out hope that I will turn it into a user knife.

Guess i'm the kind of person that would like to feel the character of the knife in my hand as I used it as opposed to just standardized G10 texture alone. The 0550 provided me all that (for now until I get the 0300BW and 0801).

Hope that helps!

And if you want a side by side picture of all of them together, I will do that for you too in any shape or positions.
If you want tank-like, the 200 is the way to go.

The 0200 does feel tank-like. But if you turn the knife and lightly tap it on it's spine, it will disengage the lock. It's now no longer tank-like to me. :(

Now if they made a 0200 frame-lock, I would be all over it. :p


I'm not the only one with this problem. Not only has my friends (those that has the 0200) have the same issues, but youtube also shows it as well as a search on this forum. :(