Opinions needed for a sheeple/gentleman folder


Oct 4, 1998
I'm in the process of revamping my ..er.. inventory. A Black-Ti REKAT Carnivore is scheduled to finally replace my AFCK for daily carry. For balance, I am looking for a sheeple/gentleman utility folder.

I'm looking for something small and friendly. It should have a pointy tip since I'll probably end up going with a plain edge. I thought Junglee's Kashmir Series (K02056) cigar cutter, with a natural wood grain pattern and a blue diamond, is a nice choice. But, I'd prefer one without the cigar cutter hole. Most importantly, I would like to pay no more than $50.

Any suggestions?
The Spyderco Calypso Jr. would be my nomination. It has micarta sides and perfect ergonomics, for me anyway.
David Boye Prophet Companion lockback folder is another excellent NICE knife.

What is a REKAT Carnivor?

Never seen one.

Spyderco Jess Horn (ser only I think)or Centofante II (flat grind with securelock).
Spyderco Jess Horn (ser only I think)or Centofante II (flat grind with securelock).

The Calypso Jr. is one of my top choices too. But aren't they more than $50?


Thanks, I'll look into that. The Carnivore is yet another folder by REKAT, designed by Pat Crawford but with a strong semblence to the KFF. When I ordered, they were still working out the minor kinks. A picture is available on page 71 in the latest issue of Tactical Knives (May '99).


Thanks Deon. I don't know about the Jess Horn, but isn't the Centofante series also more than $50?
I'd recommend the Spyderco Pegasus. The old name being CXOP1 Experimental. I use mine as my church knife. Alot of knife for its size. Fits in the hand very well. There is one in the "for sale" forum. If ya can go handle one somewhere. It doesn't look scary at all.
Well, I know it's a tad bit more than $50, but the Benchmade Leopard Cub in clear (silver) anodized aluminum is a superb everyday folder. It's got the pointy tip that you prefer, and a full flat grind. You can't go wrong with it. Better get them while you can though. Benchmade told me on their forum that they were not only discontinuing the full-size Leopard, but all Cubs except for the black anodized handled ones. Here's a pic:


I have several of these things. I love 'em. Spend the few extra dollars. You won't be disappointed. Hope this helps.


How about the stainless steel Spyderco Dragonfly. Works out well in the workplace.
I also have a Benchmade 330. Compact and fits well in the pocket.
Very good suggestions here, one and all.

Bullman Cutlery (www.bullmancutlery.com) has pretty good prices on Spydercos. You might take a look as I think they have the Calypso Jrs. pretty cheap.

Frank Norman at Little River also has really good prices on the Calypso. His web address is:

Let us know what you decide!


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Try the Featherlite One hand Knife by AG Russell. I have had one in the utility version for years and love it.
I second the recommendation for the Leopard Cub, it's one of my favorite knives. But I think even that can scare the sheeple. I've had my Benchmade 330 Gent with its 2" blade get some suspicious glances. I think maybe a small Buck knife or something siimilar would be sheeple-friendly and cost less than $50.

For a gentleman's folder I also favor the Spyderco Calypso Jr. BM. But another nice dress knife is the Benchmade 350 Pardue. It can be found through some sources for just a tad over $50. Also the CRKT Peck (small, wharncliffe version of the KISS knife) looks good (haven't got one yet). Another might be the Spydie Jess Horn, but the Zytel version might be a little rough when clipped onto dress pants. In a dressier knife, it's preferable to have a smoother handle scale (at least on the clip side) to help avoid or reduce abrading of good pants pockets. Jim
SB, you didn't mention if you prefer a pocket clip or not. If not, the Case Copperlock is a fine knife. It has a sharp point and the stag scales and canoe shape fit the hand well. You can get it at "blowout knives on the internet" for about 45 bucks.
My "peck" just came in the mail and its a neat "little" knife. It will be spending time on my key ring, which also makes it easier to open one handed...Razor sharp to..
You should try to find an Al Mar Denali.
It´s an AUS6A drop point with satin ss bolsters, brass liners & cocobolo wood sides. A true beauty & razor sharp. My second choice would be an AG Russel one-hand knife (gave one to my fiance and she loves it). Don´t follow the stream. Everyone has BM´s and Spydies. There are lots of other useful quality knifes out there.
Hey, thanks for the great replies. Uh, yeah, I prefer clips. I've been spoiled by them.

Actually, my boss thinks I've gone knuts and is draining our family finance. Before considering for a sheeple/gent knife, I had made several other purchases. Because of that, she is putting her foot down, saying I don't need something like this at this right now. Instead, there is a gun show coming in May from where I live. She says if I still want one, I can get it then.

But anyways, I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks again.