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Opinions of CRKT Apache?

I've seen several older threads that contain negative feedback about the Apache. What are your current opinions of this product? I think it's interesting that the Mirage and M16 have been pretty well received. If there is a problem with the Apache, is it design, production processes, etc?

I personally don't like the Apache's look. But I will tell you something. I have watched my brother inlaw ABUSE this knife for the past 2 years. He does things with this knife on a daily basis that honestly make me cringe. Every time I see him use it I tell him "that's definitely gonna break", but it doesn't. I have heard some bad reviews of this knife also, but they're obviously not reviewing "his" knife. As far as looks are concened, it's just not me. But after watching this knife in action, it is nothing short of amazing.


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Ill second the Martial's comments. I was considering one at a time, but the negative reviews turned me away. My partner at work now has one. He really uses this knife hard. It functions flawlessly. I have been really impressed by it. The quality seems top notch, especially at its price point. I wouldnt hesitate to get one.

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I had one over a year ago and I liked it a lot. In retrospect it was a little on the bulky side compared to similar Spydercos and BM's. I wasn't a big fan of their warranty dept. (I stripped the screws off the clip when I caught it on something), so I traded the new knife for a Spyderco when I got it back.

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I am reasonably impressed with my Apache III. It came sharp right out of the box and it still cuts like crazy after alot of use. For me, being a Canadian, it was really expensive($130.00) and I kinda kick myself for that but it was one of those "I want it, I want it right now things


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I had a largest Apache (is it III?). Solid construction. I gave it to my brother in law. The knife accompanies him on all his fishing trips and gets used for whatever a knife can be used outdoors. I've heard no complaints.

I have had 3 Apaches (a regular 4" one and two of the slightly smaller Apache II). I feel that they are fairly well made with good materials and steel. I put mine through a lot of abuse and they held up fairly well. They were easy to disassemble and maintain and seemed to have an acceptable action and lock-up. My only problems were:

(1) The bead-blasted steel quickly developed small rust spots near the thumb stud. This is common for this type of treated blade and seems to be prevented/decreased through regular oiling.

(2) The blade pivot screw had a tendency to loosen up with moderate use, therby causing the action to loosen up (and open more easily)which led to some disturbing side-to-side blade play. This is easily corrected by tightening the screw to the desired tension, but it has become a regular thing to check.

(3) The handle was *ok* but certainly not the most ergonomic/comfortable in my collection. Still, though, not bad.

(4) I had gotten into the habit of leaving an Apache II in my car (you know, you run out of better places when they start to accumulate like mine have...) and some punk broke in and stole it.

Overall, I'd have to say that this is a decent knife for the money but it would really depend on your intended uses for it. For a light, do-everything, utility or camp knife it is fine. For self-defense purposes it is ok, but you could do a lot better. Good luck!

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A buddy of mine bought one after hanging around me and looking at my knives all the time. He bought it (without asking me what I thought of it) off the internet sight unseen because it "looked cool" and "was cheap."

The blade will take a VERY keen edge but does tend to show a few rust spots if not watched.

I don't like the handle much (just my preference) but it does make for a pretty secure carry. The serrations on the thumb ramp will probably gouge you to the bone should your hand ever slip forward, but that's what they are there for.

The liner lock on his seems to be wearing a bit fast. I don't know what the liner lock
is made from, but if it's Ti, I would suggest disassembling the knife and touching the tip or the locking bar with a torch to harden it.

Jeegeet, the Apache III is the smallest of all of them


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Ok, I bought an Apache II (medium size) about two years ago when they were pretty new. I carry it every day, all day. I use it to for food, utilities, carving and just about everything else.
Here's what I found about it.
1) the bead blasted blade does collect rust(but not too much)
2) It is VERY easy to dis-assemble and clean.
3) the (teflon I think) bearing is very smooth. It has a great action.
4) There is a bit of play when the blade is locked, and I believe this is due to the teflon bearings, but not too much.
5) The handle is a little slick and large, but very solid.
6) But you wiil never slip onto this guys blade. The blade has tough filings on top and bottom that make it pretty damn impossible to slip once you are choked up on it.
7) It feels solid in my hands.
8)The clip is good, but occasionally needs to be bent back into the handle, or it will slip out of your pocket.

I've used and abused this knife. It has held up wondefully.
I had to clear out about an acre of blackberries here in Oregon(wet) in the rain. That was a ****ty job, but the knife was a beautiful performer, super smooth every time, solid grip, and a keen edge.
Unfortunately(after the work and due to the loosened clip) I lost the knife somewhere in an acre of ravaged blackberries.
I loved the knife and wanted it back, but had to work for the next 3 days. It was still raining. After all this rain and time without my knife, I went back to find it. After about 2 hours looking around, I did. The blade was a little rusty, but when I openend it up, fearing it would be stiff, suprise suprise, the thing still opened smooth as silk! A little bit of rust remover, and we were as good as ever, never even had to clean the bearing. Gotta love the teflon, it's super slick, and sure as hell won't rust. Very good, strong knife, and well worth the $50 I paid for it.
Highly recommended

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