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opinions on benchmade.


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Jan 18, 2001
I have heard they have had quality control problems in the past and poor customer service. Are these things still true today?
I've heard of problems with their QC (quality control) but havenm't ever heard of a case where they didn't make it right as quickly as possible.
I only own one benchmade. A pinnacle (750S) it came in perfect conditon, even grinds, tight lockup, no adjustment needed on the pivot screw. It was sharp to some degree too. It would shave, but had to be held at a very steep angle because of the thick edge grinds. After reprofiling the edge to a thinner angle it cuts much better.
I wouldn't worry baout getting stuck with a bad knife from benchmade. More likely than not, it will be fine when you get it. If its not, it will be a small problem and they will take care of it for you to the best of their ability.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer... but I've got the sharpest knife in the room.
The quality is quite consistant. Customer service is good from everthing I have heard. I have quite a few BMs and they have not needed anything but routine care. The new product line coming out has some very interesting pieces. Stay tuned.
Benchmade is my favorite knife, and I have never had any problems concerning QC with any of them.
The ONLY complaint I have had was getting the runaround last summer trying to get the blade replaced on my 970 Emerson. BM finally did me right by offering me a factory direct AWESOME deal on a new knife.

My current complaint centers on Benchmades 'Minimum Allowable Pricing', and the inability of internet dealers to purchase inventory directly from BM. I'm HOPING this changes in the near future.

Benchmade has nice designs and is very adept at the art of business. They have had, in my own personal experience, used consumers as unsalaried quality control inspectors and then charged these customers (who paid premium prices) a nominal fee to get their knives right.

I have used their warranty department and think that Angie is first rate. Her authority, however, is limited and make no mistake about it, BM is in business to make a profit, not friends. There is nothing wrong with a business making profit, but sometimes the value of good will is underestimated in the pursuit of the dollar.

BM has great designs and on-again/off again QC. They say that they "have dealth with it" but unfortunately they have "dealt with it" at customers' expenses, not their own. They want to be in the "premium production knife market" but at budget. Sometimes, this is too much to ask.

I have many Benchmade knives and like them. Sooner or later, BM has to bite the bullet and step up to the premium plate or continue their past efforts to get the premium price without delivering the premium quality and service.

Educated knifeknuts, like here on the Forums, may or may not be their long term target market - only time will tell.

BM, if you are listening, you have great designs and good choice of materials, please do not squander them on poor QC and CS. We love ya', work with us!

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nenofury, Welcome to the Forums.

I note that you are from Oregon. Anywhere near Oregon City, home of Benchmade Knives, Inc. ?
I think they make fine knives, but I disagree with the way they do business.


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If it doesn't work this time I quit.

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Good points:
Great product
Innovative designs (axis series)
Excellent Warranty/Repair dept.
Good to excellent customer service
They make my favorite knife
Only production company that makes a balisong worth flipping

Bad points:
Q/C is somewhat spotty, never had a major problem, but had to send knives in before
The MAAP policy sucks ass. See appropriate posts on this page
Their forum is ran in a poor fashion, don't like it but it's the only one available

Overall, I still deal with the petty annoyances that come along with their knives and will continue to buy their product, but on a much reduced scale than I used to. However, Spyderco will be seeing a whole lot more business than it used to from me, Sal is great, his policies work, both forums are good, and the product also kicks ass.

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Love 'em.
Great designs, great execution, great quality, value, and service.
I've heard of QC gripes, but have had none myself (ok, I've sanded a little G-10 a time or two). The edges have been my only real complaint, but my more recent purchases have been excellent in that regard, also.
BM has possibly the best lineup of any production company IMO, but my preferences run to particular models like the AFCK, 940, 710, and my experience is mostly limited to those.
I'm sure I'll buy more
I've had a 975 Benchmade Emerson for a while, and I've put it through hell. The blade never chipped or wobbled. It seems to sharpen itself. (OK, I just got a Sharpmaker and helped it out a little!)

I just picked up a second-hand 730 Elishewitz Ares. I don't think it got much use! because it is incredibly sharp, locks up as tight as an axis lock is supposed to, smooth as silk -- I pull back on the lock and flick, the blade slides silently back into the handle.

Quality control? No problem I ever saw. I'm sure they slip from time to time: this is a mechanism we're talking about and machines are not going to be perfect all the time. Only knife knuts are perfect all the time, and we will tell you about it, too! And we will find every .. little .. imperfection .. that .. slips .. past .. your .. inspectors.

Now if they can get around to supplying my Balisong already ... whatever happened to doing business instead of playing games?
I own 6 Benchmades right now and I have prevously owned 3 more of them, so I've had a pretty fair amout of experience with Benchmade knives. They are my favorite knives. I haven't had any real QC problems with any of the ones I have owned. The only problem was on one or two of them the edge grind was a little uneven. That is easily corrected. I would recommend Benchmade knives to anyone.
I've heard a lot of complaints about BM's QC, but I think they must have fixed that and the rumors keep flying around nonetheless. After buying 9 BM's, one wasn't quite sharp enough out of the box, no problems whatsoever other than that. BM's reputation is tainted by complaints that you would never hear about Spyderco, CRKT, MT, etc, but their knives work much better than their reputation does. Their forum is not run as well as many are. But when I buy a new knife, more often than not, it's a BM. They just have great designs & materials & I haven't found a company whose knives I like better.

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In the back of my mind I have this kinda negative opinion of Benchmade but in my pocket is a BM 720 that I LOVE and I'm panting to get the new 721. My 720 is absolutely, tight, smooth, and nearly flawless. The axis lock is the best thing since sliced bread. Hmmm...I guess I like 'em.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
I have two benchmades - a 710 that has been my daily carry for the last year, and an AFO automatic that I just got last week. Both impress me as being very high quality knives. The only problem I have had is a loose pivot on the 710, which I have now remedied with some loctite. I highly recommend them!
I have carried a Stryker every day for almost 3 years now using it for various chores and never had a problem... I have an older eclipse that has been beyond abused and it has held up fine too. Recently I have more than a few complaints about there quality control and the way the handle marketing and price control... I have been asking myself this question over and over again Do I really need to purchase products from people that run there company this way? I find it hard to say yes when there are companies like Spyderco, Microtech, Emerson and CRKT that offer quality products without all the (or at least as many) horror stories of poor customer service...
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Nimrod:
nenofury, Welcome to the Forums.

I note that you are from Oregon. Anywhere near Oregon City, home of Benchmade Knives, Inc. ?

Thank you. Yes I live in Portland. Just up the road from Benchmade. They dominate the shelves at local knife and gun shops.