Opinions on customizing my L-CC?


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Oct 5, 1998
Chief is sending Bandityo a SW plain edge L-CC for me to be "fancied" up. I'm going with a mirrored blade spine, satin "false edge", mirrored flats, and satin bevels. I also want mirrored inner liners and edges, but how would jeweling look with all the cut-outs inside? Also, I either want the bolsters "brushed", jeweled, or jeweled and light blue anodized. What would look best with the cf scales? If ano., how would it hold up compaired to the BB finish they come with stock? I want to keep it in a "user" condition.
How would this knife look with filework, and where on the knife / blade. I really like "Z" pattern, Delta, Zig Zag, and Serpentine. Thanks for your input. I'll also have the clip satin finished.

This is a good thread! It's my opinion that the LCC will become the Colt 1911 or Harley Sportster of the blade world. (That is, the piece of equipment everyone looks at as 'raw material,' and then customizes.) I like the idea of mirror polishing, but I would polish and anodize the bolsters and have the grips made in stock size, but out of exotic materials--things you could change week to week for a different look.--OKG
I've been thinking about having the bolsters anodized a shade of purple and making silver/copper mekume scales. Machine turn the liners, mirror polished blade w/filework thats enameled to make it stand out and a stone set into the thumbstud, maybe a ruby. Last but not least, use 24KT gold screws and lose the pocket clip in favor of a nice slip sheath

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How bout this??
Get rid of the liners/bolster/handles... Make the knife a frame lock using 1/8" Ti. it the same shape as the original liners. Anodize and jewell the inside of the frame and filework the lock bar. Then bead blast the ouside to sort of match the stock blade??
That would be COOOOOOOL


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