Opinions on Kershaw Boa?

I've been thinking that the safety is a bit unnecessary on a knife until I tried a test with my Blackout. Dropping the knife on a hard floor causes it to open. There may be times when I'd like that not to happen.

Does the Boa also do that? Or is the
torsion adjusted down to prevent it?

I'm not saying I want a weaker torsion - I
love the crisp, strong opening of the


On the Boa, the pivot has been tightened down a little to prevent opening if you drop it,etc.
But has I mentioned,with the safety,eliminates any possibility of that happening or opening in your pocket.
Like I said in my earlier post, I backed out the tension on the pivot screw a little to make it open faster, but even after that, my Random Task still seems a little faster, but I also stated it has more TV miles on it

Hope this helps.

The safety is nothing more than a liability difuser. If you read the preliminary questions reguarding Boa ,it seems every one was concerned about the blade inadvertantly opening in the pocket. So we decided to put a safety on it to get you guys to rest easy,although I agree I don't think it's necessary as I've personally never had one open in my pocket and I've carried both a Morf and a Boa daily for over a year.
One of the things I like about these knives is the lack of a choil to impede a cut .Say you stab a cardboard box and slash all in one stroke the ramp on the choil area holds the knife in the box and allows for a smooth cut ,unlike most knives with choils whereupon a similar test would cause the cut to stall because of the cardboard falling into a choil. Don't get me wrong I like choils too they aid in sharpening your knife and can give a knife a really symetrical look .
Aloha!!! Ken Onion

P.S. As for the Baby Boa you guys will have to flood Kershaw with requests as they have shelved it for now . Personaly I am still making them and plan on having some at the Las Vegas classic in Jan.
I was messing around with one at a local knife dealer. I almost cut my thumb several times when opening with the thumb stud. For some reason the speed safe kicks in and my thumb ends up on the edge of the knife. I haven't had that problem with the other speed safes that I've handled. I am not sure what the deal is. I would recommend opening it with the index finger trigger.

Dennis Bible

I love my Boa!

I've been carrying it every day for a few months now and I just keep liking it better with time. It feels great in my hand. The partially-serrated blade is amazingly sharp and that shape will cut anything I use it on. The point is strong but well-balanced and, have I mentioned, sharp!

I previously carried a Ricochet, which did open unwanted in my pocket a few times. Because of that the extra lock on the Boa really appealed to me. However, I tried leaving it off after a few days and have never had an unintended opening. Whatever tweaking was done to the mechanism did solve that problem.

The fit and finish on my Boa look perfect. (I have the multi-colored version.) Despite months of pocket-clip carry the scales look new and unscratched. I have tried some pretty energetic spine-whacking without any sign of a lock failure. What more could anyone ask for?

This knife feels great, works great, and looks great. Kudos all around to Ken Onion and the folks at Kershaw!