Opinions on MicroTech Vector wanted.


Jul 26, 2000
What do you guys think of this knife? Anyone owns it? Who has best price?
A couple of months ago I had to decide between the Kestrel and Vector. They're almost the same design, except for the blade, and price. I ended up going with the Kestrel, and glad that I did. Whichever you get, it'll end up being a small-ish knife. The blades are right about 3 inches in length. A Vector will cost you over $250, but you can find Kestrels for $175 or less.
Welcome to the forums, ep. I'm a big fan of MT products, and I own a Kestrel. Lunde has a good point, it is kind of small but that doesn't bother me. It is a very nice knife in all regards. I like the lines of the Vector, but wonder about how hard it would be to sharpen. Just my $.02.

I own both the Krestal and the Vector. I love them both. The Vector has a much nicer blade. They really put a lot of time machining this blade out. Alot of curves, grooves. I think a Spyderco Sharpmaker will sharpen both of them nicely. In my opinion, go with what you want.You will be happier in the end. Or be like me and get everything. Ha. Take care.


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Microtech is nice.

I have an M-Socom and a Kestrel. Kestrel has the same handle as the Vector, not so radical blade design but very sweet, fast, nasty little knife nonetheless. It is probably a more practical shape than the Vector, but then my particular Kestrel model is not "available" in my country so it has never been carried or used. The Vector is very sexy indeed, but I'd like a larger one to be produced before I would consider buying one.

My wife has an Auto Kestrel. She uses it and likes to show it off!! It's well made, perfectly ground and VERY precision all around. I own several other MT's and am VERY happy will them. I think it has to to do with being made in Florida


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