opinions on Ralph Martindale knives

Oct 8, 1998
I have a jungle and a Military.

The handles are comfortable, the steel is OK, I think.

I do not care for the sheath of my Military.

They are reasonably priced.

Thank you,
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Talonite Resource Page, nearly exhaustive!!

Fire Page, metal match sources and index of information.

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At last, my search is over. I have in my possesion a machete, about 22" total length. My father found it in the woods in the early 70's when working at a powerplant in northern Sweden. It has since then been lying under the sink in the kitchen, until I decided to finish it up. I polished away the rust and replaced the handle. In an almost illegible text you can distinguish the text: "Martindale Birmingham England No 23W", and a "frog-like" picture.
Well, now I know some of its origin. The question now is exactly how old it is.

Thank you for the link and the info.

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