Opinions on the CS Bush Ranger?

Dec 8, 1998
Thinking about buying this knife.

Any opinions on the Cold Steel Bush Ranger, regarding its quality, cutting ability, general observations, etc?
Any performance differences between the Carbon V or AUS8 steel?

How does it compare to simliar priced knives (SRK, Kabar, etc.)

Thanks for the help.

The Bush Ranger is easily my fave CS product in that size range. It is ground for optimum cutting ability, with a full flat grind. And cut it does, blowing away the much-too-thick-edged SRK and Recon Scout. If you need a big heavy sharpened prybar, I'd pick Recon Scout then SRK then Bush Ranger. If you want something that can stand up to some prying but is more of a high performance cutter, I'd pick Bush Ranger first for sure. I
f you're in the military, you might want something with a bit thicker tip and prybarish profile. Otherwise, the Bush Ranger is easily my choice over the SRK, kabar, etc. in this size range. It'll blow away those knives in cutting, slicing, slashing, chopping, piercing soft targets, etc.

Carbon V blows away AUS-8. Despite Cold Steel's claims, AUS-8's performance is pretty mediocre, except for its stainless properties which are pretty good.

I have to agree with Joe

The Bush Ranger is probably my favorite of the CS offerings.

The handle is very grippy and contoured well, a reasonable pointy tip for delicate stuff and good belly.

Th other knife you might look at is the Master Hunter.

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I have to agree with Joe. Carbon V is the only way to go on this most excellent knife. (unless you are in a _really_ wet area) I picked one up used for $40 and it was one of the best deals I have gotten on a blade. Works well for everything from brush clearing to tomato slicing.

The false edge is sharpenable, if you plan on using it as a fighting knife, though the handle may not be the best for fighting, kraton guards and all.

Anyways, it is a great knife for the money and I would recommend it to anyone.

Clay Fleischer

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I have the dreaded stainless version.
Works fine for me. But I live near the ocean in a high heat and humidity area. The Bushranger is one of the knives I own that pretty much takes care of itsself....except for sharpening.No problems there ,either.
Overall, the design is great for all the reasons above.
Wouldn't mind ditching the nylon sheath for a kydex one, though. It would be much easier to rinse out the beach sand and salt.

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The Bush Ranger gets my personal thumbs up. If I was going to buy a FB from CS, BR would probably be it. YMMV. (Geez, If I abbreviate any more, I'm going to feel like I'm in the military.