opinions on the SOG mini-pentagon and the other minis

Apr 7, 1999
I have a mini-pentagon on the way, and I would just like to know what to expect in terms of quality of the fit and finish. There was only one review in the search function and it bashed the knife sheath. Is the edge too thick for good cutting? Other comments about the mini-seal or tsunami are welcome as they may help too.
I have the pentagon (not the mini) and it is a very strong knife.

Its the kind of knife you put under your pillow when away from home and know that you can trust should anyone try to check on you in the middle of the night...

Shaped as a dagger - its not much of a working tool - but cuts pretty well non-the less.

I think you will enjoy having it.

The sheath I have is the leather version (is there anything else?) it has a belt clip - for IWB carry - but I never use it - I usually don't trust belt clips - they tend to bring the sheath with the weapon in the least desirable moment.