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Opinions on Woodsmans Pal?

Jan 15, 2000
I'm considering the purchase of one of these. The design's been around a long time, so I'm thinking it's worth a look. Any comments or experiences?
I've used them and like them for brushing trails. The hook is particularly handy for cutting saplings low to the ground. I have a WWII vintage in a canvas case with survival tools (hooks, fishline, magnifying glass, honing stone, tropical survival tips, etc.). It is not a good substitute for a hatchet or axe.
The Woodman's Pal is a great tool for clearing brush, vines, etc. The hook is great for cutting vines off at ground level.

This is a very strong tool. It is thicker than a regular machete. It seems to hold an edge pretty well but is still easy to sharpen.

I wish it had a synthetic handle instead of wood but the wood handle has held up well.

I haven't tried to cut through any thick logs with my Woodman's Pal. It is a good chopper but an axe is better.
Does it sharpen easy? Is it 1095 steel?

The Woodsman Pal has been around for a long time and likely still standard military issure for survival. I think the original had a brochure with it describing how to use it against a katana.