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Dec 27, 2000
I've been spending some time looking for a new hunting knife that won't cost me an arm and a leg (less than $100). So I've come to a point where I want some opinions on a few things.

Hibben knives-Pro Guide Hunter (440)

Puma knives-they have a few styles I like, but I don't know what kind of steel they use, and I've never heard anything about them.

Ka-Bar-Precision Hunter series (440A), or the Short Utility (1095)

If anybody has any other suggestions I should look at please let me know (I want to go with fixed-blade).
The Cold Steel Master Hunter just might be what you are looking for.

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Welcome to BFC, gibson. It's definitely worth your while to take a look at the Marbles line of fixed blade knives. They come sharp out of the box and the hunter sized blades feature 52100 bearing steel.

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Also take a serious look at the Fallkniven line. They are truly excellent knives. Do a search here in the reviews for fallkniven. There is a lot of good info.

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I'll second the Fallkniven blades..
Very High quality knives for their price..

Look into the HI, FI and SI models for what you intend to use them for..



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I have used a Puma skinner for years and would highly recommend it. The steel is D-2.
You might also look at the Spyderco Moran and A.G. Russell Deerhunter.

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Schrade Sharpfinger or Spyderco Moran. If you like the Sharpfinger, Normark can set you up with a GOOD sheath for it.

Go with the Fallkniven S-1, F-1; or the Spyderco Moran Featherweight. All come with awesome VG-10 blades (the Fallkniven's are a tad thicker.) They all fall well short of your max payout price. If you shop around enough, you might have enough left over for one of Normark's awesome kydex sheaths.
Cold Steel Master Hunter would be a nice choice, but lets not forget about the Buck Vanguard. Also I own two Puma knives. One is a skinner and one I very nice slab side hunter that I have used for about six years.
if you look around this site you'll be able to find some custom makers that sell em for around a hundred bucks.
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i too would go with fallkniven or spydie moran. there have been several spydie morans in the for sale forum lately in the 55-60.00 range.the vg10 steel would be great for your uses.and welcome!


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