Order list to close

Oct 23, 2006
I've tried to keep from doing it but the wait has gotten to the point where it's beyond managing. I probably should have done this about a year ago.
Wait time is running about four years from the date of order right now and that's just too long to guess on what prices will be at that time.
I've already put myself in a position to have to raise prices on quotes I made a couple years ago, I don't like doing that even though the majority of people have been great about it.

So, I will officially stop taking orders on Saturday September 1st 2012.

This of course will make it a little harder to get a knife but in reality it won't by much. There will still be extra knives from time to time come up in the store. Lord willing that frequency (however inconsistent that may be) won't change.
So if you're not a member and your not on the wait list you can sign up for a free membership on the site and get an email when a knife comes available.

So what's up for the future? I don't know for sure of course. What I'd like to do is get the list down to a reasonable state, something like less than a year. And then I might (probably will) open it back up again if anyone is still interested. If not, I'll go on to something else as much as I hate to.
Eventually I'd like to get to the point where I'm making things you guys want and some things I want to make and then sell them without the wait time. I don't know if that will ever happen or not. We'll just have to see what the future holds.

The bcusa subforum, youtube channel and my website will still be as active as they have always been, at least active with my participation.
I'm not going anywhere or stopping making knives. I'm just stopping the orders for now.

I have to say the next part because sometimes people get upset with how I decide to live my life. heh.
As always, if this upsets you then by all means feel free to send me an email and request that you be removed from the list. I'll have no hard feelings (if you don't make it a personal thing) and I hope you don't have any hard feelings either. It's just the way it is sometimes, I understand.

So to summarize:
The list will be closed on September 1st
You can still get a chance at a knife by being a member on the website.
I'm not stopping making knives or slowing down any.
The website, subforum and youtube channel will still be active.

Thanks for listening and thanks for understanding. I want to say a million thanks to all you that have gotten, do have or do want a knife from me. I've been blessed by God to have such a great group of people interested in what I do. I mean that sincerely.
Oct 17, 2009
So, I will officially stop taking orders on Saturday September 1st 2012.

Tough call brother but the right one all the same. It's all about managing expectations in the end.

Hope you're not working yourself too hard. It'd be worse if you started hating what you do just to keep up with the order book.
best regards from Ireland,
Feb 23, 2010
its because you're the man.!!! God has truly Blessed your talents and it shows both in your knives and your demeanor.. That's a nice work load and I'm sure all will understand..

Take care,