Order of KAI Mugshots. . .


Sep 11, 2012
Inspired by the Traditional Mugshots thread, I'm curious what the members of the Order of KAI look like?

I don't really have many pictures...but I do have several videos.

Here's me doing paintball things:


And here's me doing knife things (along with greenie and 9blades):

When they told me, I mean when I volunteered, they said to be like a ninja, with no evidence to be left behind.

So that's not you in your avatar right?

No, but rather my alter ego - Hunter S. Thompson. Avatar photo is of Johnny Depp in his portrayal of H. S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
This thread should be good...

I'd post a picture myself, but you see, I am much too lazy. :D
I'm liking how this thread is developing. Nice to finally see some faces.
This is me with my brother (very back) and our best friend who is like a brother to us (middle). The pic is a few months old but I look pretty much the same except the sides of my head are buzzed now.