Order of KAI Official Hang Out; Part Deux - It's Enrico Palazzo!

Apr 16, 2012

Official Order of Kai Hangout; Part Deux! (2)

This is a place for all the members of the Order of Kai subgroup to chit, chat, shoot the breeze (amongst other things), and generally talk about whatever they may choose. The subject matter will vary, but the vibes will remain cool. Why? Because we're all good folk here, who just so happen to have a common problem, addiction to the Kai cutlery.
Rules For Hang-Outery:
1) You must be a member of the Order of Kai subgroup to hang out here.
2) No talk of "nutnfancy". He's annoying, and the group has spoken.​

The official sign-up thread and roster (you sign up here):
Order of Kai Official Sign-Up Thread

Post your qualifying photos of knives here:
Order of Kai Points Thread
(This is also a great place to see our collections.)

You a member? Want a signature logo? How-To made by solidorange:
[OFFICIAL] Order of KAI Logo (Make Your Own)

This is for Order of Kai members only (sort of). If you are a member, please put either a banner or your member number in your signature so that it's easily visible that you're in the subgroup. Thanks!

Feel free to speak your mind, post your photos, ask for suggestions and advice, and just hang out. Obviously the forum and subgroup rules apply, but you're still among friends. This means that different views are welcome and encouraged. If they weren't it'd likely get a bit boring. Cheers mates!​
I don't know what number this post is going to be so I'm just gonna say in on one.

Looks like I'm numba five!
Welcome to the continued nonsense gentlemen.

This is for when Manny shows up:

Lol sorry guys I was hiding my puppy, may have had him someplace he wasn't supposed to be
Well seelow, looks like you got me by two minutes...it's #5 unless someone beat me to it again, which case it's lucky #6!
Hey! The sequel has the potential to be better than the original, but it's rare! Let's see how it goes :D