Order of KAI sign-up thread - OPEN SIGN-UP

Hey, 0302 is a LE. Post 50 times in Kershaw Sub-forum at least to be eligible.
Sign me up please.
I would like # 0070 (same number as my ZT0560 CBCF serial number)
I will follow the code and post my points when complied.
Many Thanks....
^ Almost, you need 17 more posts in the KAI Sub-forum to meet the minimum post count.
I figured as much but gotta add them pics anyway. :) Just added a pic of my ZTs so I can get "officially" added to that 712 spot. :D
Okay, I'm in.

You're not really going to make me tally my points are you?

I'll take 0600.

That's current but not including my 0350, OD-1, Groove, Skyline and Zing collections

I should snap a pic of the Skylines now that I got the 1760CKT.