Ordered Busse SH, Yes!

Jul 23, 2004
Well, had to have it to, I can't do without it, my safe needs it! My trail master, recon scout, will be used for the dirty work...
I could not think of another knife to buy, where I would not wish I had this.


Which options did you choose?

Mine is going to have a tan blade and tan handle.

Use it for the dirty work: that's what it's made for.

Going with black blade. Tan canvas. If cost was same and available would have gotten tiger stripe.

I will probably get rid of my trailmaster and recon scout, both as new seconds.
This gives me:
Busse SH
Extrema Golem
Entrek survivor
Trail master 2nd
recons Scout 2nd
recon tanto 2nd, cut my finger to the bone,so keepin it!
Used: CS warclub? old huge 1/4" thick dagger/smatchet 2
used: CS trueflights, the true best buy in knives?

CS assegi short, awesome
CS bad axe, sucks

Microtek soccom tanto, orig large, nice workmanship
Buck strider tanto, too fat
CS 5" tanto voyager, illegal to carry?
CS 4" tanto, EDC, but not used, want shaving sharp
spyderco endura ats 55, used, good, fragile tip, hole knives=weak, prefer studs

Next? swamprat CT or BR, becker crewman?, Spider native vg10?edc for work, will fire you for carrying more than 3.5 blade!
and 2 ontarios, the 10 tanto, and 8" fighter. I bet BK&T is a lot better

Buck night hawk abused, super hard to sharpen but tough
I wonder how long it will take you to get a second Busse. It took me three weeks after my SFNO arrived to decide to order my next bit of INFI.

Check out the Swamp Rat Ratweiler. The CT and BR are great knives, but I prefer micarta handles.

Well is is easy to get into the upgrade mode, that is how I got to the busse. Lets see, $50, BK&T, 90 Entrek/recon scout, 130 Camptramp, 200 ratwieler, 300+ Busse and Strider.

My favorite blade design is Tops Steel heart but at $180 needs better steel (so I hear), should at least be less than swamp rat.
IMO, the only thing tougher than Swamp Rat's differentially tempered 52100 is INFI.

My SFNO and Ratweiler regularly get similar hard use, and both steels/knives just keep on performing.

I'm really hoping that I don't develop an addiction to anything more expensive than Busses.

Oh, man! I once bought a Busse. A Steel Heart II in 1994.

Now I am fast approaching 40 Busses. May be there already. Got to take an inventory. I am sick, sick, sick! Get rid of the Steel Heart now before it is too late for you! Don't open the package when it is delivered! Just forward it to me and I will mercifully take it off your hands, for your sake of course.

Hello Mike,

Do you think that three Busses in four months (assuming my FSH turns up by the end of January) is a suitably addiction forming purchase pattern?

Now all I need is a Tank Buster, a Satin Jack TAC, a Badger Attack TAC, and another source of income.