Ordered my Socom Elite

Dec 27, 2000
OK Just did it with our friendly local establishment (1SKS) Any idea how long it takes to deliver? There was no indication whether the piece was in stock. Just have to wait now.
You'll probably remain in the dark until your knife ships.

I appreciate that 1SKS deserves some support from those that use this forum, but it's been my experience that, after placing an order:
1) Your e-mails won't be responded to, and;
2) Their telephone number is busy.

I did manage to get an e-mail through to their sales department once, after over a month of waiting for a knife order.
I have not had the same experiences with 1SKS. When I ordered from them they returned my emails quite promptly(within a day or so) and my knife arrived within a week.
Maybe they have gotten busier in the last since I got my knife, I do not know, but I had a very satisfactory business dealing with them. Spark was great.