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Sep 9, 2003
Its been a few years since i sent you a blade to sheath, I will be palceing order tomgith or in the morniing i want to ship them out soon so do i still send them to
Survival Sheath Systems
10117 Cougar Place
Anderson Island, WA 98303
Also what do you think the turn around time (realisticlly ) is?
What sheath do you want?
For sure a back sheath for a very large blade and i might be sending my greco whisper too for a chest sheath but have not made up my mind on the greco yet.
Got it, Gabe. I'll look for the blade in the mail.
fedex says it should be there today, also going to send you an email or PM for some info i the IWB straps you made in the past i am down to 2 and need a few more thanks
TRACKING info changes was supposed to be ther Monday but it stated today, did you get it?
I will be using PM's from here on out so i don't keep using up thread space
Just got it in.
Got you, Will. Moving all weekend and part of the week.
Did THE IWB straps for the order number above ever get made and or shipped?
Thanks :thumbup:

Robert H said:
willrise said:
Hay, do you think you will be able to get those IWB straps out to me?

yes, I'll do them up today.
Robert hasen't been on the board since 7/20/09

I believe a few people are looking for him. Sure hope things are A'okay with him.
i know he emailed a while back stating he was moving, hope he gets caught up before things get ugly:eek: