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    Apr 21, 2007
    Have received several orders since I have started the shop up :)

    The first was from a customer that first bought from me in 2007 on ebay! That is loyalty! Guys like that make you head to the grinder with a smile! He is a Gold member here and picked me to build another knife for him.

    I also had a repeat customer turn down a nearly completed order with no explanation. I had fugded on my pay up front policy because we had done alot (many knives) of business.

    I also now realize that things come up in knifemakers lives and people get worried when they pay for a complete knife and it goes months without being built.

    So, for the sake of sanity of all, a 25% non-refundable deposit will get the grinder turning. You will have an investment but not enough to give you grey hair (who needs more of those?). I will have an investment, and will be paid off when the knife is complete. At least materials will be covered if you back out. I think this protects us both....


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