Oregon Picture Requests?

Rob Simonich

Big Bear
Oct 3, 1998
I am heade to the Oregon Show in the morning, I have a digital camera I am taking, any picture requests? I dont have a table so I plan on making a general nuicence of myself.

Hey Rob, any pics on anything new and "tactical" looking would be great! Also, any big and ugly survival knives (my personal weakness!) would be killer! I bet you'll be sorry you asked now!
I second tknife on getting pictures of any big and strong survival knives.

By the way have a good time Mr. Simonich

thanks and take care
Hi Rob,

I'd like to see some custom autos.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

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Don't do it, Rob. I left Montana once and now look at me.
But, if you refuse to heed my warning, how about a shot of REKAT's Sifu.

definitely get a shot of the Sifu if you can!! thanks Rob!

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
OK, so far, big ugly/pretty ones for Tknife, custom autos, and what the heck is a snafu? Oh, Sifu! I still havent heard of it but I will try to find out what it is, making a list now......Who is REKAT?
OK, Ill edit this, I looked around and know who REKAT is, heck I have one of their neck knives that I won at the Soldier of Fortune 3 gun match 2 years ago, neat little knife.

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