Oregon Show

Rob Simonich

Big Bear
Oct 3, 1998
Well, got back yesteday from the Oregon show. It was a very good show and met lots of people and seen a lot of old freinds and fellow knifemakers. Some of the folks I met were, Wallace Fennell of Cammilus, we did some trading and I now have 2 Cuda's, one is a one of a kind. These are some REALLY user freindly and well made knives. Next was Steven Dick, Editor of Tactical Knives. We talked about Talonite knives and such as you would expect. Then there was Tim Wegner of Blade-Tech fame, very nice guy, now if I can talk him into making some sheaths for me..... Tim was dragging this guy with him that stuck out like a rasin in a bowl of rice, Gary Fadden, CEO of Al Mar knives. He must be 6'8" tall, so that is why he was easy to spot. Had a good visit with Tim and Gary. Also had the pleasure of meeting Bob Scudder, Project Manager for Fiskars/Gerber Legendary Blades. Also had a good visit with Bob Taylor of REKAT last night when I got home, sorry I missed him at the show, so he called me last night and chewed me out for not looking him up! He is a charachter and we hit it off well! (Got the picture of the SIFU, now how do I show it?) At Kershaws table I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Onion of Hawaii and played with a very interesting semi auto knife he had, Kershaw was showing a production prototype. He is a very nice guy and we talked about Talonite and Titanium alloys. Also met and talked with Mike Winkleman of Kershaw, good folks there. The list goes on and on and on, even met some Blade Forumites there, one had bought a kit from me and we visited for a bit, and another said he had saw my posts in there and when I asked him who he was, he said he was just a lurker! Come out come out wherever you are and post!
I talked Mike Schimmer, a fellow Montana Knifemaker out of a couple feet of space and set up next to Kirk Rexroat, who is featured in the latest issue of Blade, very nice folks, they always had a smile on their face. Well, I could go on and on but I must say it was a very good show with a lot of folks through the door! I did a brisk business on Saturday and spent a lot of time passing out info and making a general nusience of myself. Anyone in that part of the country should consider going to this show, very well run and lots of folks through the door. I am on the waiting list for next year.......
Thats all for now....

"(Got the
picture of the SIFU, now how do I show it?)"

Hmmmm....well, I guess you could send the pics to your webmaster, that might work
Thats a little closer to home. (only one state away!) Maybe I can make it next year, will you have a table?
Thats a little closer to home. (only one state away!) Maybe I can make it next year.
Thanks for posting the pictures. Sound like a kid, but those REKATs are AWESOME!

I wonder though, whether that multigrooved SIFU handle is a "one size fits all?"

Thanks for the pics, Rob. Glad the show went well for you. Now we just need Jim March to weigh in with a critique of the Sifu.

Thanks for the show rundown Rob. Hope you get that table for next year.

That Sifu looks big. I too wonder if my little (actually medium) hand can hold it? When you see it next to the Carnivour, you can't help but wonder. Big knives, big knife guys and big knife show - sounds like a great time!
Droool....Hey now my six fingered cousin can have a knife that really works for him!!...

I like it...I was hoping for a little more conservative design, but this will work out well...

I like the blade shape of the Sifu but with Yek in a more conservative designed handle. I have a small hand and strongly suspect that handle won't fit those of my ilk (maybe Bob's too).

Perhaps, a single index groove like that of the carnivour handle will make the knife more "accessible" for a wider ELU base.

I ain't exactly big myself 5'6" 150 and we have had every shape and size person handle the Sifu it fits everyone with various degrees of comfort. The most important factor it's a very positive grip. The reason for the "extra" finger grove is it gives you more grip options, you can choke up or down.

Bob Taylor

You are a BIG BOY compared to me at 5'3" and 130 lbs and small hands. There is no doubt that handle will give a good grip. Probably not comfortable in certain hands for extended use, but I don't think the knife was intended for utlility...
So, if the general comments from all hand sizes are good, then I guess I'm sold.