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Original Oil on Factory supplied knives

Mar 14, 1999
I was wondering what type/brand of oil you apply to your knives when shipped out from the factory.

Mar 15, 1999
I’m curious about this as well…I just received a new Shabaria and the consistency and volume of the lubricant around the pivot surprised me. It was much more viscous than I would have anticipated…almost a gel-like consistency. There also seemed to be an inordinately large amount of lubricant; there was even enough to have saturated and darkened the front portion of the Micarta scales. After I wiped down the knife and allowed it to dry the scales returned to their normal color, but I was surprised to see that much “goop” on a Spyderco. Is this a new lubricant? I don’t recall seeing this stuff on my other Spydies. Just curious…

BTW, the Shabaria is an outstanding knife…definitely the most interesting Spydie I own and perhaps my favorite (currently)…