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Jun 24, 1999
Has anyone purchased the Boker "Orion" model yet? I am dying to see people's thought on this incredible knife. I have been to cutlery shows and no dealer has it..

-Steve NY
I found one recently at a local knife store and it was so pretty I just had to pick it up. I'm not sure what the liner (only one) is made of, stainless steel or titanium, but it had literally worn the bevel of the blade tang flat and the liner lock could easily touch the carbon fiber handle slab on the other side. Now this was the display model and the only one they had left so I'm not sure what one new in the box would be like, but it still made me a little nervous. I've handled plenty of display knives and never seen anything like that. Also, as mentioned above the knife only has a single liner. With the knife in the open position I held it between my left thumb and index finger at the pivot and my right thumb and index finger at the butt of the handle and applied a light, and I do mean light, torque. I could visibly see the handle deform under only slight pressure. This again made me nervous. I don't say this to try and scare anyone because I hope most people already realize this knife was not really made for serious work. However, if you check Boker's website, www.bokerusa.com, you will find that they list this knife as a "tactical folder". In my opinion it is anything but. If you want the knife as a conversation piece, for display, or for very light uses I would say get it. But if you want an actual working/utility knife forget it.


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I've had mine for about a month. I haven't seen the tang abrasion as described above, or been able to bend the carbon fiber handle, with medium to heavy pressure. The problem I have with the handle is that CF, as with any laminate, peels and flakes at the edge. This is a problem with CF, though, and not the Orion specifically.

The blade does take an edge, but doesn't hold it for very long (Ti, duh!). I like the crystalline Ti effect a lot. Too bad Boker won't talk about the process. Methinks we're looking at Wootz Ti or dendritic Ti...

It's a nice, little dress folder, worth the novelty (at street $180 - MSRP is ridiculous on this knife). I'll carry it maybe once a week, more if I'm in a suit. The design on this may be "tactical", but the Orion is a gent's knife - not a worker.

PS - The liner is Ti. Only the screws are steel.