OT: bladeforums troubles.....anybody else?

Daniel Koster

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 18, 2001
I am getting double-emails on probably half the replies you guys make on a thread.....strange, eh?

Also, half the time I hit "Quick Reply" - it just sits there....doesn't do anything...or worse, it goes to that "Invalid Link" page....

Am I losing it today?

Daniel Koster said:
Am I losing it today?

What you mean, *Today*?:rolleyes: :p :D ;)

I haven't had any trouble, but I don't get emails from the site nor do I use quick reply and I was gone for a while this afternoon, went fer a walk at the zoo.:D
Dan - probably not the same issue, but thought I would mention it. I sent you an email earlier this morning that my email service is saying cannot be delivered (as of 1:46 P:M PST). It said it would keep trying so I have not tried to resend. Will be curious whether or not it makes it. Likely the problem is with my email service. :grumpy:
I have been having email difficulties today too......blech.......:barf:

don't send to the pendentive account....send to the new one.

see...I'm not crazy after all....
Dan... make sure your computer virus defintitions are up to date. That multiple email thing sounds familiar....

Then again, maybe that "Santa Chorus" thing stank up your computer! :D

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