OT: Interesting article on SEAL survivor clothing

Good reading. A lot less to do with the survival clothing than about the SEALs themselves.
I have that issue somewhere. I've subscribed for years. I read that and really liked it! Backpacker's a great magazine. Lots of useful info.

Good article. A little bit gung-ho for Backpacker, but that's probably good. A few too many references to "trained killers" and the like, but overall the author seemed to respect the people he was out with. It wasn't all typical Special Forces Awe that seems to be boilerplate these days. Hope that it gives some people who have blanket distaste for the military a picture of what the guys on the ground have to overcome.
As I recall, it met mixed reviews. The next issue, reactions reactions ranged from "thanks for new viewpoint" to "why the $#@! did you do a writeup on military?" Sometimes the way left types are a bit more vocal than the middle in this mag. Oh, well, the magazine is still really good. I know I liked the article.

Tohatchi: As an answer, no I don't think it gave those people with "blanket distaste" a better opinion of military. I think it only made them question backpacker for bringing up something they didn't like. IMO, it speaks well of backpacker. They knew these people wouldn't like it and ran it anyhow.

Also, it was a pretty big honor that a Backpacker editor was invited along with SEALs! Man, that kinda stuff never happens to me.