OT: Scandanavian knife site. How-to instructions

I have ordered from Dennis - great guy. I was || this close to getting set up as a USA dealer for him....still might do it. It's a great resource for folks who want to try their hands at kit knife projects. Great prices and good quality...but slow and pricey shipping....:(

They have a lot of similar stuff to Ragweed Forge's stock....but cheaper. If I had got myself set up, I would have been able to offer it cheaper than both....Brisa is cheaper than Ragweed, and you wouldn't have had to pay for internat'l shipping.

So, basically...my post is just my waying of shooting myself in the foot again.......and in public.....*groan* :rolleyes:
SilverFoxKnows said:
Good stuff and thanks

Yup! Great Site! I spent some time wandering around in thar and then saved it, never know when a feller might want a kit, or something else and I have a soft spot in my heart for such Scandian Goodie's!!!!:D