OTF Question

Jan 8, 2001
A recent thread asked "why autos?" and the most common response was because their owners liked them, especially for the added mechanical golly gee factor (Hmmm... would that be the MGG Factor?).
Any way, OTFs intrigue me but I have yet to buy one because of how they must be closed or recocked or whatever. In keeping with a higher MGG Factor I assume someone makes an out the front that automatically retracts. Is this assumption correct? If such knifes exist what are they called and where might one find them?
Thanks, A.J.
I have an answer for this one!

An OTF that can be both fired and retracted with a sliding button is known as a DA(Double Action) OTF. Currently, there are two up and comers you might look at but they will be pricey.1. the Microtech Ultratech(Do a search on the automatic forum)2. The JB(James Bros.) Diamondback 2. If you could find a Diamonback 1 for sale that would do the trick but it is unlikely.On another note, if you just want any old DA OTF than you could get a cheap import they call the NATO OTF.These are cheap POS and I'm sure someone around the forums could point you in that direction. Good Luck.