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Oct 27, 1998
I admit the following was a dumb-ass mistake. Here goes; I was cutting open some taped up cardboard boxes...in the dark, don't say it..I know, Well I drew my MT mini in an instant. In a flash, the combo blk ti blade was ready for action. I started slashing with prescion accuracy(in the dark) and managed to draw the blade across the middle finger of my left hand. Wow, MTs are sharp..I made a surgeons cut on top of my middle knuckle at about a 70% angle 1/4" depth. Well needless to say I was bleeding. Peroxide and some bandaids, I really didn't have time to get three stitches. A month later my wound has all but vanished with the exception that my knuckle is a little sensitive and I can't bend it as much as before. What's the lesson?....Don't be a Dumb-Ass!
LOL, don't worry, pal. If you're the last person on this forum to cut themselves with a sweet blade I'll eat a kydex sheath! You made us all wince, though! Kind of like any story that involves getting kicked in the groin!
Please don't introduce groins into a knife conversation.....hhmmmm ...

There I winced again.

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