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Our First Knife Test!

Well, since you brought it up, I'll elaborate on my views on sharpening also.

I think it's a valid test to evaluate the knife right from the factory. The edge as given from the factory is some kind of indication of quality assurance, and is also useful for those people for whom the factory edge is the *best* the knife will ever perform. To be sure, what I often do is test the knife as it comes from the factory, then put my own edge on and re-test. You'll see that with almost every single one of my reviews, because most factories and makers can't or don't put on the kind of edge I want.

But I do think it's *very* important to test the knife with the edge you want. The edge is the easiest part of the knife for the user to modify -- in fact, it's the one part of the knife that the user is *expected* to maintain in some way. By testing only the factory edge, you're definitely missing out on a *lot* of potential performance. For someone interested in DOES THIS KNIFE PERFORM rather than DOES THE MAKER KNOW HOW TO SHARPEN, a re-sharpening is an important part of the test.

Remember also that you only use your factory edge for a short time. Then you must resharpen anyway, right? So chances are that on a knife that comes from the factory badly sharpened, you're testing this knife at it's worst possible performance. The entire rest of that knife's life, you will be sharpening it yourself, and performance may differ significantly. Knowing how the knife will perform in its first few weeks isn't as useful as knowing how the knife will perform the rest of its lifetime.

Re-sharpening is also part of my evaluation, and I think it's useful to report about the experience. If the edge is so thick that it takes me hours to re-sharpen, I report that. If the edge is recurved or otherwise difficult to re-sharpen, I report that too. If it was easy to sharpen, I report that.

Resharpening is definitely a pain when you're doing big tests like Mike and Spark did, with 6 knives. That's a lot of sharpening, and probably too much to ask. When doing knife tests with only 2 or so knives, though, I really think it's worth the tester's time to make sure the knives are sharpened well -- the evaluation is enormously more useful that way!

Besides me too'ing everything Joe just said I would like to comment as well that I (and others) appreciate any testing of knives no matter if its how I would test them or not. First and foremost the reason I read these forums is because of unbiased information just like your review.

By the way Mike if its a policy of yours to be selling the tested blades can I put down a deposit for the Busse Basic #9

Thanks for the test results, looking forward to more especially the bigger knives.

What kind of gloves were you wearing for the test? The pictures indicate you have a great deal of confidence with them.

Well I just tested 9 more model 840 Ascents. ALL FAILED! The 830's and 820's ALL PASSED. So I would venture to guess that the 840 (Largest) has a design flaw. Also I am not talking about whacking the living crap out of them either, it seems relatively light taps makes them fold right up. So everyone test yours if you have one and dealers do the same. Also these are not from the same batch as they were received over 6 months time.

So Benchmade if and when you read this simply test your 840's and see for yourself. Again the 830's and 820's are OK.

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Mike / Yekim,

I tested my 840 Ascent today. It failed the test with a light tap on the back of my couch! I repeated several times, failing each one. Guess this one will have to go to BM for work...

Great review - especially since it pointed out this dangerous flaw to me which (unlike my linerlocks) I had not tested on this knife.


Hey Guys I went to post a responce here but ended up posting a new post "lock failure possable fix" sorry I am just a rookie at posting.Your fat little buddy in the Texas Panhandle, Chris.

Or maybe the Benchmade problem is a "Quality Control" issse! Walt, what do you think?


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Yekim, Wonder which BM you have...

Smacking and wacking the 820, no problem.

Mark C.

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Good work!

I agree that it would bias the test to sharpen them first.

Just do what you're doing now, take'm out of the box and test'm. And then tell it like it is.

Ron Knight

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Don't sharpen. Right out of the shipping container - as is.

Great tests for us buyers to read and learn from. The responses from knife companies when their products have a problem are almost as informative as your testing of their products.

Thanks for another very interesting project - your testing archives should become a really interesting resource.
Well we hope that our testing is looked at as it was intended. Constructive critism for those who fail and positive feedback for those who pass. Nothing more, nothing less. No hidden advertising agenda's or anything else.

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