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Our hobby

Dec 20, 1998
I got my Bass Pro Shops spring catalog in the mail today and was shocked by some of the prices. An Abu Garcia "Morrum" bait cast reel with Anti-Distortion Spool Technology! $260 bucks! How I have managed to fish these past 30 years with the anguish of spool flex I`ll never know. A 6' Team Daiwa trigger stick,$125 bucks.300 yards of 20lb. test Spiderwire line, $38 bucks. 1 Terminator spinnerbait, endorsed by Jimmy Houston of course, $8.95! For one! Man, I would`nt want to hang that jewel on a stump! Grand total: $431.95. Now for comparison,a 5" Bud Nealy Pesh Kabz in damascus goes for $295.REKAT Pocket Hobbit,Black T, $189. EDI Genesis,$140. Spyderco Military $145. So,the next time your spouse or signifcant other starts to grouse about the cost of your knife lust just leave the BPS catalog in plain sight with some pricey items highlighted,and it will be easier to say."But Baby that Kit Carson Tactical Muscrat is only $???" s