Outdoor Edge Impulse - Field Test

Jun 28, 1999
I received two Outdoor Edge Impulses that I ordered today. ( My Magnas are still on backorder

First "fondle" out of the box:

The first thing I noticed right out of the box is that this is a hefty, well made knife!
The action was a bit stiff, but I would expect it to be somewhat stiff new. A very SLIGHT adjustment on the Allen Screw and it was perfect.
I found that I loved the three sectional holes in the blade. I've experimented opening the blade using by thumb ( L & R ) and it works well....as expected. But I sometimes found the slot easier to miss if I tried to hurry. ( but practice helped )I also found that I could use my middle finger and/or ring finger to start the blade open and just snap my wrist for a lightning fast opening. This seemed to work much faster than using my thumb.
With the blade open the knife sits comfortably in the hand. I like the thumb rest on the back of the blade and the "swell end" handle. Good grip retention, which is also aided my the rough rubber Kraton(?) inserts.
The recessed clip I had my doubts about. i figured it would be hard to clip into the pocket. Not so....the raised "lip" on the clip worked just fine to catch my pocket edge and slide right in.
The Lock locked up tight, no give or wobble. The Liner lock positioned itself less than halfway across the choil when open & locked. Meaning it shouldn't wear out anytime soon. I gave it a couple of smacks with a rubber mallet and it passed the spine test...No Problem.

Testing the edge:

Mine are the plain edge Impulses. I tried one out by cutting the tops off of 20 or so HEAVY cardboard boxes. Then I tried it on 5/8" Manila Rope, 1/2" Braided Nylon Rope, and some slashes and stabs at some old catalogs & phone books.
The blade was still shaving sharp! ( Might have tugged the hair a bit more)
The Sandvic 12c27 steel seems to hold a very good edge.
More testing on that later... I can't be to rough on it the first day!

In Conclusion:

For the price... it's a very well made knife. I think it would compare to many of the more expensive knives on the market today!
Just my 2 pennies.

Pics to follow as soon as I can scan it.

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