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Outdoor Edge Impulse - First Impressions

Oct 3, 1998
I don't know whether this should count as a "first review" for contest purposes, since I got the knife wholesale.

Here's the link to a high-resolution scan of the Impulse and also the Magna:

And the clip sides, closed:

It's a factory rendition of a high-end custom knife, done with a working class price target - $55 msrp.

I like the feel of the handle, with that round swelling next to the clip. That seems to help give the clip a little more purchase, by pushing cloth up against it sideways. The clip, being recessed, is more comfortable in the hand than most.

I haven't tested edge holding. I've only had it a few hours, and I'd like to keep it "virgin" for the customer. The factory edge passes the arm hair test.

The lockup passed "spinal tap" test for me. The one I'm looking at right now locks up on the near side of the tang. I think the other one was in the middle somewhere. The one I'm looking at now has a tiny bit of sideways blade play, which should be correctable by a quarter turn or so of the pivot screw, as suggested in the instructions.

I'm a fan of firm ball bearing detents in a liner lock. I like a good speed bump there. I got two Impulses. One of them has what I call a good detent, in that it takes a hard shake to "flick" the blade. The other one has a detent that I can feel, but only a slight shake flicks the blade. Ball bearing detents are tricky.

The clip is a deep pocket design, and the top of the clip is diagonal instead of horizontal. It must want to ride in the right front pocket, where it matches the angle of the pocket. In that position, you can grab the blade by the cut-outs and open the blade in the pocket, so that it's fully open when you pull it up from the clipped position. This feature may be useful in some specialized situations. I'd like it better in the one with the good ball bearing detent.

I haven't tried David Rock's idea of blowing bubbles with the holes in the blade.

All for now . . .
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Mr Mattis,
I was wondering if you could do a scan of the "Impulse's" top and bottom. I was wondering if the "Impulse" has the same traction marks as the "Krait". Thanks.

To Blades:

The production Impulse does not have the traction grips like the Krait however the serrated thumb grip and the Kraton innerframes more than make up for it in offering a secure grip on the handle.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,

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I like the bubbles through the blade cutouts thought.



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I saw both of these knives at the BAKCA show last weekend and I was very impressed. Very nice fit and finish for the price. The Impulse in particular impressed me because I am very fond of the Krait design, and because it comes with a 12C27 stainless blade instead of AUS-8. I don't have any experience with 12C27, but have read a lot of very positive information about it from knife makers.

I was really impressed with the CRKT Carson models too. You can really get a heck of a nice little folder for around $60 these days.

Very impressive!

How thick are the blades?

Mr. Bloch, any idea when the Magna will hit the stores? That one looks like a winner also.