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Jun 1, 1999
Has anyone had a chance to review the Impulse? It sounds like a nice work knife but I would like to know if anyone has gotten their hands on one yet.

Glenn - I have not used one yet but have seen them at the SHOT and Blade shows this year. Overall, they seem like pretty nice knives. Two handle materials available - Zytel and die cast aluminum. I prefer the one with aluminum, as it feels more solid. The blade steel is that Sandvik 12C27. I've no experience with this steel, but do know that this is one of Darrel's favorite steels. One of the best features of this knife is the pocket clip. It is inset into the handle so that when the knife is gripped, it has the feel of a clipless knife. I believe the Impulses are scheduled to start shipping within the next month or so. Hope this helps.

Dexter Ewing
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Thanks Dexter, I'll have to keep my eye out for them. I am curious to see how smooth the action is, how positive the liner lock is, etc, etc.

Right now the only people with their hands on the Impulse is AG Russel Knives and me. AG is now photographing the production prototypes for their upcoming catalog and I have the other four prototypes.

Thanks for posting Dexter but to set the record straight, the Impulse will not be available in Zytel. The four different 3-3/4" blade models include bead-blast finish and all black Teflon coated in either plain edge or serrated edge.

Overall I am thrilled with the fit and finish on the production prototypes. Smooth opening action, tight lockup, no side play, good ball detent, crisp blade grinds and shaving sharp cutting edges. All for around $50 retail.

The first production is in process and is scheduled for delivery the end of July. To get on the waiting list and be the first kid on the block to own the Impulse, call AG Russel at 800-255-9034.

Thank you for your attention.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,

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I understand that the blade cutouts are to act similar to a hole for one-handed opening. Are you familiar with the "drop" method of opening Spyderco knives? Can this be performed with the Impulse? You've got my attention with these models, especially at those prices.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
To Corduroy:

Yes, the knife is designed tip down and can be drop opened by gripping the holes.
Regarding the multiple cut-outs in the blade: these are for blowing bubbles. Kids love 'em. My three-year-old is getting an Impulse for her birthday.
The cut outs in the blade were to lighten the knife and balance (with the titanium slabs side plates) on the original Krait.
Also make it easier to open than a knife with a thumber... with gloves on.

Web Site At www.infinet.com/~browzer/bldesmth.html
Take a look!!!

I like the looks of this knife, but I have a thought:
Do the blade cutouts have any adverse effect on blade strength?
If there's less steel inthe blade, it's gonna be weaker. Radiousing only minimizes the loss of strength. However, if your lock gives out before your blade, I guess it doesn't really matter. There are other reasons why I will never own a folder with blade cut out.

Sometimes I use a folder to assist my fixed for skinning out game. Especialy in a large aligator where you have to reach up into the guts and lop some internal organs free(I don't know all their respective scientific names, but they're pretty gross). Anyway, a buddy who was helping me once had some Spyderco that had the charachteristic cutout, when he removed his hand from the body cavity, there was all kinda gore in the hole. Yuck! Sure, it's easy to clean out, but it was just weird somehow. Like the guts permeated and infected the steel or something. More mental than anything else, funny thing is I'm not squeemish at all...

Oh yeah, and cutouts, along with thumbstuds, are completely unneccesary.
LOL @ David Rock.