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Outdoor Edge Tacticals?

Feb 22, 1999
Outdoor Edge is best known for our line of outdoor knives and hunting tools (Game Skinner, Kodi-Pak).

With eleven years in the business we are now entering the tactical knife arena with our Custom Designer Series. This series features includes two exciting new designs by custom knife makers Kit Carson and Darrel Ralph.

The Magna, designed by Kit Carson is a solid workhorse of a knife with a 4" long, 4mm blade and cold forged aluminum handles and sturdy double stainless steel liners.

The Impulse designed by Darrel Ralph is a modern cutting tool with stylized flowing lines. The Impulse features precision die cast aluminum handles, Kraton innerframes and a powerful cutting reverse curve blade with a refined tanto tip grind.

To see photos of these knives as well as complete specs, pricing and delivery dates. visit the Outdoor Edge manufacturer forum.

Many thanks to James Mattis, of Chai Cutlery, has posted some great pics of these knives from the Blade Show.

As always we appreciate your comments and posts on these new folders.

Thank you for your attention.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,

Having had the good fortune to see these knives several times (Shot Show and Blade Show most recently), I must say that I was impressed with them both. Quality and price point seem to yield a great BANG for the BUCK.

Stay Sharp,