Outstanding Stag Bowie Value!!!!

Oct 1, 1999
My favorite Barlows are the set from J. Russell.

A while back I bought this old Green River Works Skinner also from J. Russell & Co.,

but it was actually during a search for this J. Russell stag Bowie. Although several online sources listed the stag Bowie nobody had one in stock for a very long time. At Blade Show they handed out free copies of Blade magazine and there in one of the ads for one of the knife wholesalers was the Russell Stag Bowie. When one of my friends that is a dealer checked with the company they had none available. Now why would anyone feature in an ad a knife that wasn’t available? Well, anyway the search continued for this Bowie.

Finally after many months I get an email from my friend that the Russell’s were in did I still want one? I sure did! The next day I get an email from 888 Knives that the Russell Bowie I had on backorder from Feb. was in, did I want it? Hell yes I wanted it!.

So, within a couple of days I had two of these Bowies that I had been waiting for. Was it worth the wait? I would have to say beyond a doubt it was. Now I can’t compare this Bowie with my Cold Steel stag Trailmaster Bowie, or my OVB/Fisk Bowie, but for the price this Russell stag Bowie is a classic looking Bowie, with real stag scales and at a priice of under $100 it is probably the Deal of the Month!

Here’s mine.

Here’s where you can get one for yourself.

I’ve have been thinking abou getting into Cowboy Action Shooting for some time, this Bowie would be perfect in the rig I have planned.

Did I mention this classic stag handled Bowie was under $100?
Very cool PhilL. Will I get to see it next weekend?
I was poking around that site and found this for your other hand.
Thanks for the heads up on this beautiful bowie. I love bowies. I checked out the site you listed and also found the J Russell spear point bowie. I really want both of them and at the price I probally will order both. I will sleep on my decision but probally will order both first thing Monday morning.
Good Collecting!
I recieved one of these from a friend yesterday and it really is an amazing value for the price. Great stag scales and the steel seems to take a nice edge.
I just might need to get the spear point now. :D
Well I couldn't resist. Yesterday morning I ordered the Bowie and also the spear point Bowie. I was notified that they both were in stock and going to be shipped yesterday afternoon.
Now all I have to do is wait (which is the hardest part)
Thanks again Phil
Good collecting !
Bah. You guys got me all excited with this talk of Bowies. Guess I expected more than a 6 1/2" bladed hunting knife.
They do have some nifty lookin' Bowies on that site though.

Besides the Cold Steel, Ontario, Becker, & Camillus Bowies, I noticed this one from Paul Chen. Supposed to be made of 440C, which I don't prefer on larger knives, but those fullers really caught my eye.

I thought I'd put up a pic of the spearpoint and clip point together.
I like that spearpoint!
Now all you have to do is sand off those bumperstickers :eek:

Given that price (wow!), that clip is surely a reasonable representation of the classic English-made bowie. Congrats.
Is it similar quality as the Argentina-made Boker stag knives?

Perhaps not a stag handled Bowie but this one's a real Sheffield - probably carbon steel though it does not say:

This is a beautiful hand-made knife by "little mester" Reg Cooper of Sheffield, England.

Reg is one of the last of the traditional independant cutlers in Sheffield. His knives are excellent in quality and design.

Note the nice "work-back" (hand file work) on the blade back and mirror polished finish.

This beauty measures 10" overall with a 6" blade. The handle is made from stacked leather washers and has a stainless pommel.

This knife includes a real leather sheath. Order while they are still in stock!


...err sorry, the picture I tried to paste on didn't work for some reason but the link has pic's. They are still in stock for $59.99 too.

[On Smokey Mountain KW's site] there are some Hen & Rooster brand German Solingen Steel Bowies for some good prices - there's a $100 one with stag handles that's got a 10" blade (thought I heard someone complaining about the knives being small above)... :cool: