overrated/underrated knifemakers

Sep 15, 2000
My friends and I were discussing overrated and underrated movies (Titanic being my overrated pick and Mask of Zorro as my underrated pick) and I was wondering who you think are the most over and underrated makers in this industry. This is probably a redundant question on this forum but my pick for underrated would be Ted Frizzell and Jim Hammond. Very little is said about the two on these forums, and they make the best knives for the knife, and especially for the money.
I'll keep my "Most Overrated" to myself, but I like the "Most Enderrated" question.

My "Most Enderrated" would have to be Reese Weiland. Awesome work, especially for the money.
For me, one of the more underrated makers is Keith Coleman. Does some very nice work and has been doing so for 20+ years. A real pleasure to deal with and prices are reasonable too. My CFII is due this month!

Overrated? Ask me when I'm drunk...


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I hear you Red! My stag/Damascus Banshee is due soon as well. My third transaction with Keith and I have a couple more drawn up and just waiting for the funding
Coleman knives are nice. I have a model II in my pocket now. I also have a TAC II, both ordered directly from Keith. His knives are smooth very well made and he delivers on time. ...Ed.
Rick Browne the most undereated knifemaker in the Guild.
I'll keep the overated to myself.


have a"knife"day
I'll jump on the bandwagon
...Keith Colemanmakes wonderful knives that are, in my opinion, some of the best values on the custom market. I own two of his folders (an SUV and a Banshee)and have a third one (a Warlock)on the way. I'm not sure if Keith really qualifies as an "underrated" maker...he always seems to get a substantial number of positive comments whenever this kind of topic comes up. He just doesn't seem to be quite as well-known as some of the other makers who produce similar products (although I can assure you that Keith's work is as good as any I've seen). Keith's a realtively low-key guy who does outstanding work and who is a pleasure to deal with.

I wouldn't venture to say which makers are over-rated.

It is very interesting how half this thread is gimping along. Even Chubby, who began the thread, didn't provide an overrated candidate. Nobody who has followed with a suggestion has provided an overrated name either.

Is this just "gentlemanly" style? Many forumites are happy to nake the production knives, steels, companies they don't like. Why are custom makers off limits?

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Um ... some of us might be laboring under the impression if we were to start discussing who's the most overrated maker there might be approximately two candidates and the discussion might lead to approximately two flame wars which some of might be thinking have had an approximately sufficient number of iterations here already.

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Spence Alexander

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Overated: No-one. Those at the top of the
heap have gotten there through
sweat, dedication and talent and
deserve to be there.

Underated: Many of the thousands of makers
whom we have never heard of, and
who's names will never be
recorded in any magazine, or
guild list. The kind of makers
who know their steel, have
excellent creative ability, and
suffer from poor personal skills,
or lack the intrest to market
their wares.


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Many forumites are happy to nake the production knives, steels, companies they don't like. Why are custom makers off limits?</font>

Production companies are just that - companies. Custom makers are individuals. If you say either are generally more hype than performance you will likely spawn a decent sized thread. As no matter what the product you can find people who think it is great given a large enough population.

But the fact is saying something similar about a custom maker is much more likely to cause a heated reaction because people tend to take critisms of a makers work as a direct critism of the person. You can't really do this with produciton knives. It is not like for example that Sal Glesser actually makes all of Spyderco's knives.

The situation is made worse if the makers are active participants in Bladeforums as again this personalizes the discussion. Similar if they are in general well liked.

Most underrated:

GenO Denning
Mike Irie
John Fitch

As for the overrated:

They know who they are....