Overseas members offering more support?

Sep 5, 2000
I have been getting together the Gold and Premium membership orders here at Bladeforums and it seems that the ratio of members who are overseas and supporting us by memberships is greater than our USA members. Haven't actually done the math yet and its possible that I am wrong but... Anyone care to know?

I put this post here because I didn't want to offend anybody and this area is kind of slow. There doesn't seem to be any overwhelming demand to know this statistic, but I will get around to it after we take care of charging all the memberships and turning on the features for the members. That should start today. I guess I should go get some sleep so I can get it done later this morning... :rolleyes:

As of today 5.71% of paying members are other than USA citizens.
Suds:- I'm also wondering if the membership is auto re-new on the yearly basis? Or will there be someone to reminding us?

The memberships will not auto-renew. We will send emails to remind you, so make sure if your address changes that you update it in your profile.