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P/M D2 as blade steel?

Dec 15, 2000
Hi to all, is there any manufacturer/maker that uses p/m(powder metallurgy) D2 tool steel as blade material? This steel is developed by Crucible Materials Corporation if i'm not mistaken. From what i've read (ASM Handbook), the mechanical properties significantly exceed that of standard AISI D2 tool steel.
Were can I find out more about this steel? I have been unable to find anything by using search engines.
I do not know if any knife makers are thinking of using this steel or not, but I would like to learn more. Thanks.

If you're going through the trouble to do powder metallurgy, one might as well go the full nine yards and choose a high vanadium content tool steel or the like. PM is something of a "high value added" process, its forte is being able to eliminate macrosegregation (elements tend to distribute non-uniformly in conventionally cast ingot) in highly alloyed materials and to promote fine grain size in the finished product.


i have been using p/m d-2 4 about 6 yrs it is an excellent steel i use it in all the knives i make the only other steel i use is the damascus i make i allso can cut you knife profile for you or can provide you with heat treated blades or the completed knife
thanks Gerome

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being there where the rubber meets the road counts more than a million 'educated' opinions. I've come to understand lately that the CPM V-containing steels are difficult to heat treat.

Gerome, how much more does PM D2 cost than wrought D2? And: what can you accomplish with it that's an improvement (i.e. grind to thiner section or get a few more Rc points before it gets too brittle)?
Why don't you people try Böhler K190PM?
The PM stands for powder metalurgic.
It's a powdersteel copy of D-7, judging by carbon level. Added vanadium and tungsten.
Seems to cut forever and be as stainless as 440 steel.

People around here have been using it frequently. Achim Wirtz introduced it to me.

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