Pack River folders, where to get'em?

I saw a reference from Joe Talmadge to Steve Mullin's Pack River folders. He was refering to them being similar to a Calypso, jr. but better. Where can someone find more info on these knives?
I found it. Pretty nice, but for $300 they should be better than the Calypso jr.


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Dec 25, 1998
Im strictly referring to the review. I've not handled a pack river. I'm sure they are super nice, but for the money I'll stick with the Calypso, jr. Personally, if I were going to spend $300 there are other knives I'd rather have right now.
Value is of course relative, if the Pack River addresses the handle problems that I found with the Calypso Jr. it would be worth it for me. The much better steel of course means I could lower the edge angle significantly and still have it much tougher with better edge holding than the Calypso Jr. And of course the lower the angle, the better the slicing performance.

Deciding what knife you want is a very personal decision, so I totally respect your decision in this matter. However, let me explain the appeal of this knife to me.

I've been thinking that for $300, there are very few knives I'd rather get than the Pack River! Your mileage may vary of course, I'm speaking only for myself.

For myself, I've found the Calypso Jr. indispensible. It outcuts just about everything. My fantasy knife would be a knife that cuts like the Calypso Jr., but with a bigger blade that holds an edge better, with better ergonomics, and overall can stand up to harder work. Doesn't have to stand up to super-hard use, but harder use than what the Calypso Jr. can take. The Pack River is it!

Keep in mind, shootist, that very few custom knives at any price will match the cutting ability of a Calypso Jr., in the light-cutting arena that the Calypso Jr. excels at. There are some good reasons for that: for all those $$, people don't want a thin delicate blade. But like the Sebenza, the Pack River is an expensive knife that doesn't just promise better fit & finish, but great performance in cutting, strength, edge-holding, etc. And I *think* Steve still does some work on the Pack Rivers, though I might be wrong about that. I don't expect the Pack River's backlock to compete strength-wise with the Sebenza's integral lock, but the 440V flat-ground blade provides other interesting advantages.

Anyway, just wanted to rant a little more about the Pack River. It's what I think a high-$$ knife should be all about. Superior aesthetics, ergonomics, performance, edge-holding, etc. There's something to be said for the really strong thicker-edged do-anything folders, but excellent performance in the light- to medium-hard-use area is what I typically desire for my everyday carry knife.

Steve Mullin has been making great folders for a long time. Always well designed, always well made. A little trivia; Scott Sawby and Steve Mullin shared a "shop" for years. Both excellent makers.
Pack River Knives are GREAT, I saw Steve at the Solvang Knife Show and purchased a large skinner and ordered a large camp knife with green micarta handles. I looked at his folders and the quality was beyond compare. The fit and finish are just beautiful.

I saw Emerson looking at a folder of Steves that someone bought and he was very very impressed. I have no hesitation in buying one of Pack River Knives.