Pack River Utility Folder?

Aug 31, 1999
I've always liked the looks of this folder. Mr. Mullin seems to have designed a great knife and for around $300 (large Sebenza range) it's right in there with the rest of the semi-production folders.

Does anyone own one of these? If so what are your impressions and how do they stack up to other folders in that price range?

Thanks Cliff. That pretty much did it for me. My next "high end" knife was going to be a large Seneza. While the 'benza is arguably a better all purpose knife (because of the thicker blade and integral lock) I think the Pack River better fits what I'm looking for.

If I can ask you one question:

You mentioned you always compare a knife like this to the BM Ascent. Have you ever had problems accidently disengaging the Ascent's mid-lock and if so did this problem manifest itself with the Pack River?

Thank you again for posting the link.

Ghecko --

Cliff pointed you to a review that I had actually written. I now always test many ~4" folders against the endura *and* the Ascent, as they have some differing characteristics. I haven't used the Ascent much anymore; although it performs well, the endura does the things I want it to do better, and is easier to carry besides.

Anyway, I never had problems with either the Ascent or Endura accidently unlocking on me in use. At one point I went through all my lockbacks and tried to see if there were theoretical-but-realistic handholds that could unlock the lock, and a number of them did have some position or other where they seemed susceptible, though I don't remember specifically about the Ascent. This is one area that you don't want to rely on someone else's results though, because it depends heavily on your hands. For example, there seems to be an even split between people whose hands tend to unlock mid-locks (like the endura/ascent) but never unlock back-locks (like the Buck 110), and people whose hands have problems with backlocks but not midlocks.

In any case, that Pack River folder is awesome. It has different strengths than the Sebenza, but is definitely a competitor overall in my mind. BTW, I never did get that Sebenza I ordered (dealer musta forgotten about the order). Just as well, my needs have changed, and I probably would rather have the Pack River.


Sorry, I should've been paying attention...

Good advice, I can accidentally unlock my Ascent with a number of grips so I should really try to handle one of these before I make my decision. Now all I need to do is find a knife show in the Atlanta area where I can check one out.