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Packages for American GIs

Apr 27, 1999
When I was stationed in SE Asia 30 years ago, I received a package from some folks who just wanted a GI to know that someone from home was thinking about us. The package was a real morale booster. It also contained a Case pocket knife. At the end of my tour, I passed the knife on to a buddy who had constantly asked me to borrow it.

Can anyone give me the name of an organization who will forward a package to an American GI? My wife and I tried to get a package out last Christmas but couldn't find any group (including the Red Cross)who could give us the name of a GI or would take the package to forward on.

I don't care which branch of the service they're in, and don't care if the recipient is male, female, black, white or green. They are our sons and daughters or our neighbors kids. Saying we support them is OK, but talk is cheap. Besides, everyone needs a decent pocket knife and the joy is in the giving.


Una salus victus nullam sperare salutem. -Virgil

I am glad you brought this subject up. Many times people support causes like this and drop things off without any feedback from a recipient. We have all seen the sound bites on T.V. but, that just isn't the same as a response from an actual person. I also applaud anyone who supports the men and women who ensure my freedom as an American. I may not always agree with how military forces are used but, I still admire the men and women who serve through good times and bad. I'll get off my soapbox now

As to the logistics of getting your package to someone in military service, my only thought at the moment would be to call a recruiter for one the military branches and have them give you contact information for a public affairs officer. Perhaps, someone at a VFW hall could be of assistance as well. I hope this helps and, please let us know what you find out!

Sid, Thanks for the suggestions. Seems we share the same soapbox and views. The VFW would probably be the best bet I think. As I recall, last time I spoke to a recruiter I ended up as the one needing a morale boost. I've been kinda leery of them ever since

Also, I figure there are a few active, or recently active, military personnel who read the threads. Maybe some of them know of a good contact for getting packages through to the troops.

If anybody finds a good route, I'd like to know. A few years back, after MANY dead ends, I found somebody in Pentagon public affairs who could give me an address for the commanding officer of the peacekeeping unit in Macedonia. I and a couple of other guys sent hand-made knives to deserving soldiers and got nice letters back from them. We sent a couple more knives the same route that were never heard from again.

I tried, over the space of a year, to find an address to send a hand-made knife to a deserving soldier in Bosnia, and finally gave up and sold the knife and sent some money to a military-related charity.

If anybody comes up with a good way to donate some sharp objects, I'll join in.

I am currently stationed here in Saudi Arabia. The first time we were here (Desert Shield/Desert Storm) the "Any Soldier" program was used. These were letters and packages addressed to "any soldier" assigned out in this location at the time. I do not know if they still run this program, but I still see an occasional "soldier" letter float thru to one of the guys out here.