Packs, pouches, satchels, cases?

Feb 9, 1999
I was wondering..
..I always carry a North Face backpack(Shasta), Kinda like a breifcase backpack....or a Mountainsmith Daytripper, and for light stuff a Z-kreation butt pack...Always have what I need, as well as a few knives inside, even a sharpener! Do any of you forumites carry any type of bag, pack, case, satchel for your stuff? And what do you carry in it? (well you don't have to divulge everything, just the col stuff)

Well, my "purse" (as my wife likes to call it ) is a leather fanny pack by REI. In it I have:
1. Mini-mag holster sewn to the inside of the top of the main pocket
2. DMT red/blue (fine/coarse) diafold in front pocket
3. Butane pocket flamethrower from Hell (Quantums(sp) cheap model lighter)
4. Original Leatherman
5. A little ratchet type device that uses 1/4 hex bits and extra bits.
6. Gerber EZOut attached to back in sewn on pocket.
7. Loose change and maybe some rck hard gum....
8. Keys.
9. Pepper spray.
Now you know why SWMBO refers to it as my "purse".

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When the weather warms up & I lose pockets, I move to a fanny pack with a fairly stiff leather front. I riveted a leather strap on the inside, forming loops for a mini-mag light & large folder or multi-tool as well as a flat section of strap that accomodates an AG Russell Sting or just about anything else with a belt clip.

When travelling casually (not on business), I often carry a Cannondale bike bag with a shoulder strap. In it I carry my shades, perhaps a pockebook to read, snack, Tylenol, or whatever. My knife, however, is clipped to my waistband.
At work I carry around my craftsman tool belt- filled with hammer,screwdriver, utilityknive, endura, letherman,mag lite, and some other junk, also my lunchbox, with lots of food and another knife, when I am not at work I cary a standard back pack to school, with my books and crap, plus a gerber multitool. other wise my pickup is always nearby and I keep anything i could ever need in it. So it is kind of like my purse.
Camelback HAWG
PST (horizontal on shoulder strap), wallet/checkbook, spydy ladybug, sunglasses, tool kit (I ride a motorcycle), water, patches, minimag, sudafed, ibuprofin, electronic phonebook, pager, wireties, pens/markers, notepad, but wait there's more...
lunch (on the way to work), mail (on the way home)

my neck (or pocket) knife is with me all the time.

the wife complains unless some thing needs carried or fixed

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I have a Jandd Mountaineering Hermann Monster lumbar pack that I keep stocked with the following: Basic survival gear, camp stove with pans and fuel, one dehydrated meal, water filter, basic first aid supplies,my Swisschamp SOS kit, a Victorinox Hunter lockback, and my U2 more than likely strapped to the bottom

Usually to work I carry a Billingham Hadley bag and at weekends I'll take my Mountainsmith daypacker. I pretty much always have my Psion 5, Mini Maglite in Kydex Pouch, keys on keyring with micra leatherman and either a Spyderco Native in a specially fitted kydex sheath or a Strider HT fitted in the side of the bag. I also keep a note book, pens,2 zip discs, asprin and a book or magazine if I'm using the Billingham. Seems like a lot now I write it all down

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i use a dana design "bomb pack" for quick fast 2-3 days trips into the back country, plus it comes in my favorite equipment color, BLACK.

for longer trips i have a pack made by osprey, not black(sigh) but a nice mellow green.


for everyday i use a messenger shoulder bag by timbuk2, or a day pack by madden mountaineering and have a pack made by archaeteryx on the way(all 3 in BLACK). these are just big enough to hold a jacket or sweater, some snacks, liquid, and my assortment of essential gear:

-9mm pea shooter(when deemed neccessary)
-DMT sharpener
-pelican flashlight
-waterproof matchcase with compass
-steiner monocular
-leatherman wave or swisschamp
-sketch book/journal/writting implement

the knives i carry on my person are the large sebenza or white wolf pocket pro. these are clipped to my belt or in a horizontal sheath of my own design. clipped on to the lanyards is the ever handy photon II microlight.

i never have the sebenza or pocket pro in my bags. that way i know if my bag is ever seperated from me i still have the 2 most important tools with me; blade & light.

one thing i learned about bags and gear for everyday use. go with the essentials and go light. 10 mile speed marches with a heavy pack is no fun! your shoulders and feet are much happier if you left the kitchen sink at home.

although everyone has a different definition of a kitchen sink!

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I am also very fond of muontainsmith products. I have a back country express with their optional shoulder straps. I'm also very fond of my gregory day and half pack. Expensive stuff but well worth the money. That mountainsmith has enough straps for practically anything.

Oh, I usually have my excutive woo and ladybug on me.
I use a small Outdoor backpack (more like a day pack) which hangs over the push handles of my wheelchair. It holds my day-to-day goodies like wallet, electronic organiser (Psion), keys, etc.

My newest addition is a Leatherman Micra strung together (with a 6" lanyard) with a Photon-II microlight.

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Wow, everybody has such fancy stuff.
On horseback the Spyderco stays clipped in my pocket. Everything else is in the saddlebags.
Camp knife (to cut the cheese that goes with wine at lunch, or whatever) , .38 just in case
leatherman, stethoscope, Enough Rompum (horse med) to help a sick\hurt horse and make him look really stoned, bandages, antiseptic, scissors, needle & thread, Bute ( more horse med like aspirin), bandaids, rubber gloves, leather gloves, EZboot like a spare tire for the horse)
misc leather straps, extra pair of socks, and don't laugh Kotex pads... I'm a guy but there ain't nothing better to use real quick on a bad cut. I learned that one from my brother. He worked on big buildings, steel, and he always had a few in his toolbag.
almost forgot and I get teased for this
day to day I use a grocery bag with handles, cheap & replaceable

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